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Successful fundraising for Rockies Rowing Club

With the 2019 season right around the corner, the rowing club fundraised for new equipment

The Rockies Rowing Club had their members come together to raise money for new equipment.

On April 13 at the Tamarack Centre, the club was challenged to finish 100,000 meters in six hours on two ergometers (rowing machines).

Dylan and Ally kicked off the challenge with 50,000 meters on each machine, with the rest taking shifts of five to 10 minutes (five minutes equals nearly 1,000 meters). However, it wasn’t just members who took part, as others from around the world joined in as well.

Valentin (France), Glen (Fort Steele), Brenda (Cranbrook) and Tim (Regina) all helped to lower the meter count during the day.

Onlookers cheered for the rowers as they finished their time, while many with curiosity tried the spare machine.

Members Josie and Erienne took over for the last five minutes to row, after several other stints on the machine. They ended the distances in shorter than expected times. Josie finished it at four hours, two minutes and 34 seconds, while Erienne finished it at four hours, two minutes and 40 seconds.

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The rowing club raised between $2,600 and $3,000 for their program.

The event not only helped to raise money for new oar and stroke rate meters, but it was also a team building exercise. The members only have a chance to see each other during the winter months at drylands training or their Christmas dinner.

Local sponsors helped to put on the event include Flaman Fitness, Tamarack Centre, Huckleberry Books, Soulfood, Culligan, Real Deals, Save On Foods, The Heidout and Fisher Peak Brewing Company, Fire Hall Kitchen and Tap and Fitness Inc.

There is still time to support the rowing club programs and its rowers by visiting

The rowing season is just around the corner, as the club gears up for recreation and a full racing season.

Row lessons will start in May, and there is still an opportunity to learn about the sport. Rowing is considered a unique sport, whole body exercise and keeps the rower guessing where you are going. There are trained and volunteer instructors as well as Learn to Row instructors within the club.

More information can be found by emailing

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