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Rogues look to build on last season success

The Rocky Mountain Rogues have started practices for their 2019 season

The Rocky Mountain Rogues are gearing up for the 2019 season as they look to build off a successful previous season.

With the warm weather approaching the team is now able to get onto the field and start practicing.

“We are pumped, and ready to get back at it,” said Dale Alderson, president, Rocky Mountain Rogues.

Practices started this week and they go every Tuesday out of Marysville Elementary School, while on Thursdays they are at the College of the Rockies field.

“We usually see the same faces, but I have been getting emails from people who want to come to play — everyone is welcome to come join,” said Alderson.

But fans will see similar faces as the same core group of guys have played for the Rogues for nearly a decade.

“I joined 10-11 years ago and it’s been the same core group of guys since then,” explained Alderson.

“We usually get one or two guys from the high school, we try to have more involvement with the high school so they know it’s there once they get out … and it just builds from there, but anybody can come and play.”

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The team welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about the team — men and women, it doesn’t matter.

“You don’t have to be an athlete, anybody can come play,” said Alderson, adding they will help any new players out with learning the fundamentals and staying safe.

The Rogues haven’t had a female team in a couple of years, but are hoping to have a team this year.

“They usually play sevens, and I know Nelson has been asking, Fernie has a girls team, and normally anywhere we go the girls can come play too,” said Alderson.

With a successful year last year, sticking to their game is going to be key this year to build on that success.

“Just have fun, stick to our game,” said Alderson. “We have a certain structure that we play, and we are pretty big. We have some big guys on the team, so we like to use that to our advantage for sure, but we just need to keep the numbers up and keep having fun.”

Alderson describes rugby as one of those internationals sports that are the same no matter where you go.

“You can go anywhere in the world and you’ll find the same characteristics anywhere,” he said. “It’s a fun sport and somewhere you can have fun with the guys.”

There are nearly 15 to 18 players on the roster when the Rogues go to tournaments, and they are all excited to defend their title at the Saratoga Cup, which is held in Penticton.

“We want to take that Saratoga Cup home again this year,” added Alderson.

The Rogues will start their season off by taking part in the Ruckin’ in the Rockies tournament in Fernie on April 27. Their first home game will be May 11 against the Elk Valley Bulls at the College of the Rockies field.

“Come out and play, even if you don’t want to play just come out and hang out. Anybody can, it’s a social sport,” said Alderson.

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