Dylan Clark, Nike Blackmore and Ty Kolbeck all fought at the 2019 Super Channel Championships against some of the best boxers in the country. Jessica Dempsey/Cranbrook Townsman

Dylan Clark, Nike Blackmore and Ty Kolbeck all fought at the 2019 Super Channel Championships against some of the best boxers in the country. Jessica Dempsey/Cranbrook Townsman

Cranbrook Eagles compete at national championships

Three members from the local boxing club had the chance to compete for top spot in the country

The Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club had three boxers head to the 2019 Super Channel Championships and went head-to-head against the best boxers in the country.

Nike Blackmore, Ty Kolbeck and Dylan Clark all participated in the national event in Langford from April 23-27.

“Overall, a really good learning experience. They are fighting some of the best fighters in Canada, so nothing to hold their head low about they did Cranbrook proud,” said Bill Watson, coach, Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club.

Kolbeck ended up winning a silver medal in the 66-kilogram category for youth. In the gold medal round, he went up against another British Columbia fighter Noah Croasdale, but the decision narrowly ended up going to Croasdale.

“It was decent, I didn’t really stick to the game plan,” explained Kolbeck. “I still did pretty good I think — it was close. I’m hoping for a rematch soon.”

This was the first time for Kolbeck at the national event, and he said it was a great opportunity going there.

“It was good and very fun,” he said. “A good experience. I met a lot of new people and found some new friends, so it was good.”

Being able to watch his teammates fight and other fighters was a highlight for Kolbeck.

Blackmore earned a bronze medal during the competition. In his fight, he was defeated by British Columbia’s Brandon Colantonio, who went on to win a silver medal.

“It went pretty good and it was pretty fun,” he said, notes his favourite thing about going to these tournaments is fighting.

“Just the adrenaline, the excitement and the crowd,” he said makes the fighting so good.

The fight he had against Colantonio he said went pretty good, but he didn’t stick to what he wanted to do.

“I didn’t do what the coach said, so I didn’t end up winning, but I did alright. If I had done what the coach said, I think I would have medaled higher,” he said.

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He did get a second match against the provincial youth heavyweight, which Blackmore won.

At last year’s national tournament, Blackmore won gold in the youth division, however this year he moved up to elite.

While this time he won bronze, he says he’s going to continue to chase that gold medal.

“It’s alright, I’ll win gold again one of these days. I just have to keep working for it,” he said.

Clark, who was fighting in the 69-kilogram youth category ended up facing Ontario’s, Mason Galvao, but lost to him.

“It wasn’t the result that we were looking for, but it was a close decision. I’m happy with it, it was a good experience and we will be back next year,” he said.

It went down to a decision and was called very close.

“I controlled the centre of the ring, and I probably wasn’t active enough,” Clark explains. “He probably beat me with the jab, and threw more punches, but they weren’t landing.”

He says for his next fight he’s going to focus on throwing more punches and being more active in the ring.

“I’m confident when I throw punches they are going to land, so I just have the throw more,” said Clark.

While the players at mental training prior to heading to the national competition, Watson says he’s going to focus on it more in the future.

“Fighting in front of a large crowd, at that level with that good of opponents it can break you down mentally. That’s part of our game we are going to work on as we go forward,” he said.

All three boxers will be heading to the Nelson Boxing Club on May 11 to compete in their Fight Night VI.


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