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Cranbrook still in stage one water regulations, Philips Reservoir at full capacity

The City is continually monitoring water levels and will implement further restrictions if needed
Cranbrook is currently in Stage One of water restrictions, with residents able to water three days per week. (File photo)

The City of Cranbrook has yet to move from stage one outdoor water use restrictions as the Philips Reservoir, the source of Cranbrook’s drinking water, is at full capacity as of Friday, July 29.

The Philips Reservoir collects water from sources in the Joseph Creek and Gold Creek watersheds.

Molly van Leusden, Corporate Services and Engineering Analyst with the City of Cranbrook, says that water levels in the Philips Reservoir are typically much lower at this time of year.

“The City of Cranbrook is currently in stage one outdoor water use regulation,” said van Leusden on August 3. “Staff are continually monitoring the water level in Philips Reservoir and the City will communicate if stage two regulations become necessary. Any changes or updates will be provided to the community through print, digital and news media, the City website and communicated to City Council.”

Stage One watering regulations are considered the City’s normal watering regulations.

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When asked if there are any exemptions during the four water restriction stages, van Leusden explained that residents and properties that are on independent well systems are exempt from the bylaw.

“Outdoor commercial and industrial use of municipal water are regulated through the new bylaw, as outlined in the regulation stages,” van Leusden adds. “During stages one to three, vegetable gardens and edible plants are exempt. Individuals and groups, such as the community garden, are able to water vegetables and other plants during watering times every day of the week, except for Wednesdays.”

As per the newly adopted outdoor water use bylaw, stage one of water restrictions state that residents can water within the hours of 5a.m. to 10a.m. and 8p.m. to 11p.m. three days per week - even numbered addresses on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and odd numbered addresses on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

This includes watering with a hose, sprinkler, washing outdoor surfaces, washing personal vehicles and filling of pools and other water features. A permit is required to water new sod, seed, or grass outside of the permitted restrictions.

Phase two, which could be enacted if water levels in the Philips Reservoir drop, see that residents can only water two days per week. Phase three moves to one day per week and phase four sees no watering.

The full chart of outdoor water use water restriction stages can be found on the City of Cranbrook website under the Residents tab, and Water Conservation.

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