WATCH: The Medieval Faire and Feast

WATCH: The Medieval Faire and Feast

Saturday, October 20 saw Van Horne Park and the Cranbrook History Centre play host to the first annual Medieval Faire and Feast. Chelsea McDonald, a.k.a. Lady Thisbe LaBlanchette, public relations officer for The Incipient Shire of Aieriesgarde who put the event on, said that she felt it was very successful, especially after all the stress of putting it all together.

“It was really nice that the actual day went very, very smoothly, everybody played their part exceedingly well and I’m very, very proud of my team,” she said.

LaBlanchette said that, as she predicted, her favourite component of the event was its dancing, particularly later in the evening when the outdoor events moved into the Cranbrook History Centre.

“We actually got into some really complicated dances and the people who stuck around for the later portion of the evening seemed to have a lot of fun.”

She added that she spoke with numerous people who said they felt like would be interested in joining in on the fun later, so the demo was successful in it’s goal of inciting new members to the society.

As this is the first annual event of its kind for the society, LaBlanchette said they learned a thing or two this time around. They plan to aim for a late spring date, rather than holding it in October next year. Though they were blessed with beautiful weather, it certainly isn’t always so nice late in late autumn. Add to this that this time of year has numerous other events happening, the Shire agreed to change next year’s date.

They also plan to revamp the format for the feast itself, making ticket prices a little cheaper.

“That seemed to be an issue for some people,” LaBlanchette said, “but for what we were providing that was what made sense, but we may do a little bit of reshuffling for that.”

The feast itself was “phenomenal,” according to LeBlanchette, “Aunty Barb’s [Bakery] puts on on hell of a feast.” She added that Tammy Morgan of the History Centre hosted an excellent event and they were served by local cadets.

The society is already planning for next year’s big demo, and in the meantime, their next upcoming event is a tavern night on Sunday, October 28 at 3:00 p.m. It is a casual, potluck style gathering, that is Halloween themed. Contact or visit their Facebook group