WATCH: Students learn about fire safety and prevention

WATCH: Students learn about fire safety and prevention

Over 400 Grade 3 students recently toured through the fire hall as part of Fire Prevention Week.

Hundreds of elementary school students recently got the chance to tour through the fire hall to learn about fire prevention and safety.

As part of the tour, students watched a video on identifying fire hazards and were quizzed after, before watching some equipment demonstrations and going inside a fire truck.

Bill Munro, the Fire Prevention Coordinator with Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services, said the key message to get across is look, listen and learn.

“Look for fire to happen anywhere, listen for smoke alarms, follow your plan if you hear them and learn two ways out of every room,” Munro said.

Munro said young students to learn about the importance of fire safety so they can be aware in case an emergency situation occurs.

“If they learn at a young age, it becomes a habit when they get older, I guess, when they get older and it just becomes second nature,” Munro said. “It’s easier to teach them when they’re young, so if we instill that message of fire safety at a young age, it just carries on to adulthood.”

Over 400 students from 19 classrooms in Cranbrook were able to take the tour and learn about fire safety and prevention.