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VIDEO: Man hanging from transport truck falls on B.C. highway

Stunt was posted to Facebook, “Just another day in Vernon”

A dangerous display of hitchhiking was caught on video in Vernon and shared to social media Monday.

In the video, posted to the Vernon Rant and Rave (uncensored) Facebook page by Nathan McAllister, a man wearing black can be seen hanging from the back of a large transport truck on Highway 97 in Vernon, beside the DND grounds.

The 11-second video, captured from a vehicle driving behind the truck, shows the truck travelling close to highway speed with the man hanging on for dear life, sliding along the road. The man holds his balance for a few seconds before slipping on the wet pavement and falling hard.

The man did not appear to be seriously hurt by the stunt, as after the fall he can be seen sitting up in the shoulder of the highway, out of the way of southbound traffic.

Jacqueline Shields posted a video earlier, which was later removed, showing the man contently seated on the bumper of the truck as it rolls through Vernon, along 32nd Street.

“I was minding my own business at a red light near Mr. Mikes when this guy jumped on a cube van right in front of me. He drove off, flicked his cigarette and waved like it was completely normal. Just another day in Vernon I guess.”

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Brendan Shykora
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A man is pictured catching a ride on the back of a transport truck rolling through Vernon Nov. 21. (Video still)

Brendan Shykora

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