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In a B.C. pinch: 52 clothes pins, 1 minute, 1 face equals new world record

Man sets new Guinness World Record in Duncan for clipping clothes pins to his face
Jacob Hillhouse clipped 52 clothespins to his face Society Barbershop in Duncan on Dec. 7, breaking the former record of 51 which had been held since 2013. Riley Ingham, left, and Trevor Clemente kept time and Hillhouse honest at the record breaking fun event which was held at Society Barbershop on Dec. 7. (Submitted photo)

While most are content with just perfecting their poker face, Jacob Hillhouse decided to try his hand at breaking the Guinness World Record of clipping the most clothes pegs to his face in one minute. Since 2013, the record has sat at 51 pegs.

“I am on a mission to check off as many boxes on my life bucket list as possible,” said Hillhouse. “I am a self proclaimed stuntman and this record specifically caught my attention because it fits perfect with my brand.”

Hillhouse, who lives outside of Toronto, says that he is a frequent visitor to Duncan as it is where a friend lives who also films and edits video for him. He said he spends nearly half the year here.

Hillhouse performed the record-setting feat on Dec. 7 at the Society Barbershop in Duncan where he spent four hours, and took 75 tries to set the new bar. He clipped 52 pegs on his face.

“It was comedic, it fit with the content I already make and it seemed attainable,” said Hillhouse. “Society has always been really supportive of the content we create on the island, it’s our favorite barbershop and one of our good friends works there as well, so it felt only right to do it there.”

Two witnesses and two experienced timekeepers were present to validate, film, and document the significant milestone which brings home Hillhouse’s determination and skill in surpassing a decade-long record.

“It feels great. It sounds funny to say that I’m proud, but truthfully I am,” said Hillhouse. “There aren’t many people you meet who can also say they have beat a world record and that feels pretty cool. I will be granted the certificate and will also be featured on their website, and will remain with my record until someone else comes along to beat me.”

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