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Canada has the fourth most expensive beer cost of World Cup Nations

Canada’s $2.95 is a bargain compared to Qatar’s $9.38
Canadians pay the fourth most on average for a beer among countries competing at the World Cup. (Pixabay photo)

Canada has the fourth-highest average beer price of all the countries competing at the World Cup.

As Canada faces off against Belgium in the teams’ first game of the competition on Wednesday (Nov. 23), Canadians will have to pay an average of $2.95 for a beer, based on the average prices of a 330mL bottle of Heineken in supermarkets and local stores, according to financial website HelloSafe.

Opposition fans will be getting more for their buck, with the average beer price in Belgium at $1.69, tied for 18th place along with England and Wales.

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The most expensive beer in the world is sold in Qatar – with an average cost of $9.38, not including the six-month prison sentence and the roughly $1,000 fine if caught drinking in public or opening a store to sell alcohol.

Second, comes Australia where the bevvy will cost $4.29 on average, with the U.S. in third with the average beer setting Americans back $3.24.

Ghana has the cheapest beer on average and is the only country in the competition where the average beer costs less than a dollar, costing just 83 cents – although the West African country’s gross domestic product per capita is $2,374.

As a whole, Asia has the most expensive average alcohol prices at $3.50 on average – largely distorted by Qatari prices – then comes North and Central America, South America and Africa. Europe as a continent has the cheapest beer prices.

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