White Tiger Taekwondo pile up medals at Okanagan Championships

White Tiger Taekwondo pile up medals at Okanagan Championships

Cranbrook club’s 20 competitors earn 71 medals at large annual Kelowna event

White Tiger Taekwondo paid their annual visit to Kelowna during the April 25 weekend and collected an astounding 71 medals at the Okanagan Championships.

With 20 students from the club competing, the group returned with 22 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 27 bronze medals across various disciplines and age groups. According to Master Steve Desjardin, the local martial artists did the community proud.

“They work hard every class and it shows when they compete,” Desjardin said. “Students train twice a week [in] full contact sparring and traditional Taekwondo techniques [which] helps build confidence and enhances self-esteem while improving and developing students mental and physical ability.”

With over 200 competitors travelling from across the region, including Vancouver Island, the Okanagan Championships included seven different competitive events.

Poomsae is the traditional form of taekwondo, while Sparring is full-contact fighting. High Jump Kick competition challenges athletes to kick a target, while a Flying Side Lick sees students leap sideways to cover as much distance as possible.

Weapons competition challenges students to complete traditional martial arts weapon formations. Power Break is the classic competition of breaking boards, while Team Form is simply poomsae but in synchronization with a teammate.

A standout at the competition for Cranbrook was 11-year-old green belt Adam McDonaugh, who won six golds and a bronze.

The group also included: Ethan Sawatsky, Brady Templeton, Megyn Templeton, Avery Swain, Adelie Albert, Graham Swain, Hunter Chiz, Ava Chiz, Rachel McDonaugh, Jayce Calder, Ty Sommerfeldt, Karys Skene, Jaina Skene, Jerrid Butler, Novin Vandaelle, Owen Patterson, Nolan Palmer, Rhy Plamer and Elianna Albert.



White Tiger Taekwondo pile up medals at Okanagan Championships