Silver in world championships for Jared Spurr

Silver in world championships for Jared Spurr

Cranbrook’s Jared Spurr brought back a silver medal from the WKU Martial Arts World Championships in Athens.

The tournament ran from Oct. 27-30 where it saw athletes from all over the world compete to be the best in their respective categories.

“It was fun while I was fighting,” said the 17-year-old.

During his fight, he received an illegal knee to his head and his opponent was then disqualified. With the hit, he was unable to compete for gold and received the silver medal.

“It kind of sucks,” he said about not being able to fight for gold.

“But, I’m not going to go in there when I have an injured neck.”

Spurr was in the 85-kilogram plus 15-17 age group. With him being on the smaller side he was fighting guys much larger.

Stepping into the ring, Spurr said he was feeling really good and was excited to get the fight underway.

“I was feeling pretty confident,” he added, after having to wait most of the day to fight as he was one of the last.

“I was waiting all day and getting more nervous, which wasn’t fun,” he said.

However, the nerves didn’t last and once he started fighting he was in focus.

“I was just going in on him, he was taller than me, so I didn’t want to give him the range. He had quite a bit of a height advantage … he went and kicked me, I fell but got back up. We went at it again in close range and I kicked him in the legs and he fell over.”

After that is when Spurr described his opponent as coming out hard and throwing knees at him.

“It was over a minute and 20 [seconds] period there,” he said.

Even though his fight was over and he couldn’t take on the challenger for gold, Spurr said it feels good to have come home with silver.

“It feels pretty good, it’s a world silver medal so that’s pretty cool,” he said.

Being in Greece and fighting at a world level is something that Spurr will for sure always remember.

“I really enjoyed the fight, it was something different. It was full contact at the world level, which was pretty cool. It was exhilarating,” he said.

Spurr has been doing muay thai for two years and trains at the Rocky Mountain Martial Arts Family Centre. Before that, he was competing in taekwondo for nine years.

“I like fighting, I like learning new techniques,” he said about why he likes martial arts.

As for what’s next, Spurr said he is going to continue to practice and improve on his techniques.