Riders brave the weather at local race

Cyclists hit the trails for hours during the Six in the Stix event last Sunday at the College of the Rockies.

A rider at the Six in the Stix race takes the corner while heading into the finish area up at the College of the Rockies on Sunday afternoon.

A rider at the Six in the Stix race takes the corner while heading into the finish area up at the College of the Rockies on Sunday afternoon.

Though the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, cyclists braved the intermittent rain squalls through six hours of trail riding at the Six in the Stix race on Sunday at the College of the Rockies.

Riders hit the 11.9 km trail through the community forest from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in six straight hours of riding, with the goal of completing as many laps as possible within the six-hour window.

It’s was fourth annual instalment of the event, co-hosted by Charlie Cooper of RM Events and Favorit Cycles.

“It went really well,” said Cooper, “It exceeded my expectations, just based on registration in early September, numbers were quite low and it was nice that they did climb throughout all of September.

“…We didn’t get too wet, we had a couple showers and the rest of the time it was okay.”

It was a two-day event, with the kids races on Saturday, before the adults hit the course on Sunday. The kids were split up into three divisions, with a 15-minute race on the pavement for the toddlers, and a short 30-minute and 60-minute trail course for the older youths.

“We had 68 children take part in three different types of races, so that was pretty cool,” Cooper added.

“On Sunday we had the largest field yet for the Six in the Stix for the adults, and the race seemed like, from my perspective and what other people said, it ran quite smoothly.”

The course was the same as last year, and Cooper said it got high marks from the competitors.

“For people that like their mountain biking, there’s some flatter, flowy, twisty trails, combined with a couple challenging uphills, where probably a good portion of people do push that shorter section uphill,” Cooper said.

“Then there’s some semi-technical descents where you definitely have to be on your toes.”

Riders had to make their way through the upper part of the College of the Rockies parking lot as part of the transition area, which served as the hub of the race.

“It’s a pretty neat event, with the relay teams doing exchanges, just such a nice atmosphere at the staging area,” said Cooper, “we got the music pumping and people hanging out and cheering, and the barbecue from the Wildhorse Cycling Club.”

Kalvin Klassen served as the DJ and musician, the Wildhorse Cycling Club served up a barbecue, and the Cranbrook Community Forest Society was out as well.

Cooper also sends a big shout-out to sponsors and volunteers who helped make it a successful event.

Team Laps Last Time Km

Men Solo 40+

Chris McKechnie 8 5:54:08 95.2

Chris Nakahara 8 6:05:34 95.2

Gary Buxton 8 6:09:53 95.2

Men’s Solo 40-

Jamie Lamb 9 6:24:58 107.1

Mitch Tom 7 5:46:22 83.3

Tom Gibson 7 5:47:42 83.3

Men’s Solo 70+

Brian Cooper 1 1:01:39 11.9

Women’s Solo 40+

Julie Kelly 7 5:49:36 83.3

Sarah Nossiter 6 6:02:55 71.4

Laurie Buxton 6 6:07:13 71.4

Women’s Solo 40-

Tanis Tomlin 7 5:42:58 83.3

Lize Pye 7 5:52:49 83.3

Christine MIsseghers 7 6:22:57 83.3

Single Speed

Pat Doyle 8 5:52:45 95.2

Patrick Humenny 8 6:06:38 95.2

Shaun Taylor 7 5:35:52 83.3

Team Laps Last Time Km

Men’s Team 80+

Inglorious Basterds 9 6:12:07 107.1

Cranbreakers 9 6:21:53 107.1

Pain for Pleasure 9 6:23:42 107.1

Men’s Team 80-

Crazy Soles Rolls 9 5:57:23 107.7

Ham & Bobber 9 5:58:42 107.1

Skink! 8 6:10:50 95.2

Women’s Team 80+

Deadgoat Racing 8 6:26:57 95.2

Women’s Team 80-

Spokin’ Hot 8 6:22:54 95.2

Betty & Veronica 7 5:42:50 83.3

Shot-Skis 7 5:50:09 83.3

Mixed Team 80+

Team Hache 7 6:03:35 83.3

Team Skid Marks 6 5:52:24 71.4

Mixed Team 80-

Quad Engineering 8 6:21:41 95.2

The Big Sebulskys 7 5:47:40 83.3

Elevate Airports 7 5:57:59 83.3