Minor lacrosse gearing up for new season

Numbers are up and registration is still ongoing until the first week of April.

Snow may still be on the ground, but the Cranbrook Minor Lacrosse Association is gearing up for their new season, as registration runs up into the first week of April.

Minor lacrosse president Tammy Tait said that registration is up, as the tykes have nearly three teams, while the midget division has enough players to field a squad this year.

“The final numbers aren’t in because we’re still doing registration up until April 8th, but we have a team in each division for the first time in several years,” said Tait. “Our midgets are looking really good this year and we grew an entire team.”

Practices begin on April 8th, but games will begin at the end of the month, as each age division competes in the Southern Alberta Lacrosse Associaiton (SALA), except for the tykes, who play only in Cranbrook.

“It’s so great for the club because it’s developmental, they don’t travel at tykes, so its a great opportunity for people to try lacrosse without the commitment of travelling,” Tait said.

A treat for the association will be new jerseys through sponsorships with local businesses. Teck normally has provided medals for an annual tournament, but this year, Tait was given the choice of medals or jerseys.

She opted for new jerseys, which come with new logos, and a full set will be provided to each team in every age division, some of which have never had the luxury.

The youngest team—the tykes—especially needed some jerseys, as they had been using a set that were a little too big.

“Our tykes looked like little ghosts running around on the floor,” laughed Tait.

A few players have a chance to make an impact at the provincial level, as two bantams and three midgets are heading off to the B.C. interior for a chance to make Team B.C. and compete on a national stage.

The season will wrap up with the annual Chris Watson Memorial Tournament in July.