Local lacrosse player earns more accolades

Dakota Hollister picks up another scholarship at All-American NCAA showcase.

Dakota Hollister in action (left) at the All-American game in Orange County last week

Dakota Hollister in action (left) at the All-American game in Orange County last week

Not only did Dakota Hollister get his chance to shine in front of other NCAA-committed lacrosse players, he also got another scholarship award.

The Cranbrook native was selected as part of a 50-player NCAA showcase game in Orange County, near Los Angeles, and got the chance to go up against the best in the American West last week.

“I knew everyone, so I knew how fast-paced it was going to be,” said Hollister. “It wasn’t anything I didn’t expect.”

Hollister suited up for Team North, however, their opponents, Team South, came up with the 20-13 win.

“We were tied up until the third quarter, but they had a good face-off guy and our team didn’t even have one,” said Hollister. “They were just killing us, I don’t think we won a face-off.

“They got four goals in a row off fast breaks off face-offs.”

At half-time, there was a presentation for the TL 17 Scholarship award, dedicated to Tyler Lucas, a young American lacrosse player who passed away a few years ago.

The award is hand-picked by the Lucas family, based on applications sent in by lacrosse players beforehand.

One of the requirements is awarding it to a committed player at Dominican University in California, however, the Lucas family were impressed with Hollister’s resume, and decided to give him the award.

Hollister is committed to Bellarmine University in Kentucky for the next NCAA lacrosse season.

“They read your application and then they watch you play for a bit and then they choose at halftime,” said Hollister.

The scholarship was over $2,000, which was part of more than $1,000 from the TL17 Foundation, and a matching donation of $1,000 from Adrenaline Lacrosse.