The winners of the Shades of Green bonspiel ‘A event’ Joan Fiedler

The winners of the Shades of Green bonspiel ‘A event’ Joan Fiedler

Fielder, Lee and Pocha win ‘Shades of Green’

Second annual Cranbrook women’s bonspiel featured three pools of competition, workshop on doubles curling.

  • Feb. 28, 2017 10:00 a.m.

For the Townsman

The Shades of Green women’s bonspiel was held over the weekend at the Cranbrook Curling Club.

There were three pools of round robin play divided into A, B, and C divisions plus a team player draw to the button.

The draw to the button allotted five points for the button, four points for any part of the curling rock in the four-foot circle, three points for the eight-foot circle, two points for the twelve-foot circle and one point for landing outside the curling house.

The team’s total of points plus the team’s win/loss record determined which event the teams would be competing in for the cash prizes.

Joan Fielder’s rink were the winners of the A event, defeating Joy Romeo in the tournament finals on Sunday.

Fielder’s team is the Cranbrook Curling Club’s Master Ladies competitive team.

Lynn Lee’s rink were the winners of the B event, defeating Sue Trombley and Cheryl Pocha’s rink won the C event with a win over Leslie Weaver.

The event winners were each presented with cash prizes and with stone pendants made by Kara Clarke from her Tumbled Earth jewelry line.

The bonspiel also included an opportunity for teams to learn to play Doubles curling on Saturday afternoon.

The clinic was led by Tracey Amy and Brenna Baker and there were over a dozen women who participated in the fun.