Dynamiters go up 2-0 in playoff series against Columbia Valley

Dynamiters go up 2-0 in playoff series against Columbia Valley

The Dynamiters are now leading the series against Columbia Valley 2-0 after another at-home win on Tuesday night, a 3-0 shutout.

Head Coach Derek Stuart isn’t a big fan of overtime, so he was happy to come away with the overtime win on Monday, but even more pleased to see his team bounce back from an overtime result with a commanding shutout.

So what was the big difference between the two games for the Dynamiters?

“I thought we paid much more attention to detail in the defensive zone and in all of our systems actually, especially after the first period. So I thought that was a big factor and we were moving our feet a lot, we were skating and a lot of guys just upped their game from the first game.

Daniel Anton opened the scoring with Palmer scoring a power-play goal and a second later in the game. He now has 56 goals between the playoffs and the regular season. Stuart felt good about how not only his leading lines, but the team as a whole performed.

“Our forward lines, all four of them actually, created quite a few chances,” he said.

“Their goaltender was excellent, I thought last night, and made the game a lot closer than I thought it was, scoring chances based anyhow, so we were fortunate enough to work hard and take advantage of some penalties on their part and score power play goals. We created a lot but we just need to bear down a little bit more and hopefully not run into such a hot goalie in game three.”

Stuart said that apart from first half of the first period, his team was doing exactly what they needed to do and explained that consistency will be the key to winning in the playoffs.

“The commitment is there 100 per cent, there’s no question there,” he said. “I think that last night, apart from the first 12, 13 minutes, we were real good and that’s how we need to play, so they did it last night, they just need to do it consistently.”

He said the team are feeling confident after a playoff win and a shutout.

“They are [confident],” Stuart said. “A win’s always better when you play your style and control the game and that’s what we did last night and it makes it that much better, the feeling afterwards. So the guys are ready to go and like I said we just need to be more consistent with that kind of play and start the game that way tomorrow night.”

They have a much-needed day off before they hit the road to Invermere for two games on Thursday and Friday.

“They need the rest more than anything. I believe we played seven dames in 10 nights or 11 nights, so they need a rest day today and we’ll just get prepared when we get to the rink tomorrow night.”


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