Curling centre hosts archery provincials

Competitors put their skills to the test over the weekend, which featured some of B.C.'s best talent.

Archers compete in the 2013 B.C. Indoor Archery Championships over the weekend at the Cranbrook Curling Centre.

Archers compete in the 2013 B.C. Indoor Archery Championships over the weekend at the Cranbrook Curling Centre.

The Curling Centre was a hub of archery activity over the weekend, as the 2013 B.C. Indoor Championships was underway featuring competitors from all over the province.

Cranbrook hosted the event for the second straight year, after it wasn’t picked up anywhere else, according to Elaine Johnson, a director with the Cranbrook Archery Club.

“What happened was nobody actually stepped up and when I took it to the executive in the club, I said, ‘Well, what the heck, we may as well, we already have everything now,’” said Johnson. “We have a good amount of targets, we have an amazing amount of help.

“It’s been phenomenal. We didn’t plan on doing it two years in a row, but I’m glad we did it. It was worth it.”

The event featured competitors from across the province, as well as local talent that included Paralympic archer Kevin Evans and his coach, Vladimir Kopecky.

“We’ve got people from as far away as Prince George and the Island that have come over. We were actually supposed to have someone from Washington (state) come up and he never ended up making it,” said Johnson.

“…Prince George and Vancouver have a huge amount of shooters, so it’s very, very big up there, and ours is getting comparable to Prince George.”

Roughly 61 archers came out to put their skills to the test, with approximately 20 local shooters in the ranks, as competition ran on Saturday and Sunday.

Evans, a local two-time Paralympian who competed in Beijing for the 2008 Games and also in the London last summer for the 2012 Parlaympics, wasn’t the only notable shooter in the lineup.

The Cranbrook Archer Club has a few young competitors that have made an impact on the national stage, according to Johnson.

“We have some of the top shooters in Canada right now,” Johnson said. “Brittany Johnson finished as top Cadet in Canada last year and Adam Pitney in the top three.

“…Darbie Wills, Brittnay Johnson, Adam Pitney and Curtis Mummery have all been invited to try out for the World Juniors in China.”


Bare Bow – Cadet

Eden Miller        599

Bare Bow – Cub

Elissa Foley        921

Kelly Murray        446

Bare Bow – Mstr 50

Angela Foley        731

Compound – Cadet

Darby Dean        1152

Krista Pitney        1141

Jessica Krewenchuk    1052

Compound – Cub

Kyra Adachi        1091

Allaina Proctor        1082

Sarah Brown        964

Compound -Jr.

Brittany Johnson        1138

Compound – Sr.

Elaine Johnson        1146    Sheila Killberg        1129

Mary Ostermeier        1061

Recurve – Cadet

Mariessa Pinto        763

Recurve –  Sr.

Diana Kaun        923

Bare Bow – Cadet

Keelan Boyle        772

Bare Bow Mstr 60

Johnny Zawada        890

Bare Bow – Sr.

Fred Streloff        993

Shawn Dempster        765

BHF – Sr.

George Terpsma        1079

BHO – Mstr 50

Ed Ford            1136

Ted Kennedy        1113

BHO – Sr.

MIke Ford        1173

Chris Mummery        1163

Randy Grant        1111

BHUn – Mstr 60

Al Campsall        1173

Ron Ostermeir        1151

BHUn – Sr.

Adam Pitney        1154

Collin Pitney        1129

Compound – Cadet

Tony Proctor        1182

Colten Loewen         1169

Jordan Adachi        1152

Compound – Cub

Spencer Schouwenburg    1153

Daylon Stanley        1031

Austin Durham        1011

Compound Jr.

Graeme Black        1181

Curtis Mummery        1168

Adam Pitney        1155

Compound – Mstr 50

Toni Souto        1072

Richard Benstead    1067

Compound – Mstr 60

Greg Birtwistle        1157

Ken Cameron        1140

Al Wills             1140

Compound – Pre-Cub

Darius Brons-Cooney    980

Compound – Sr.

Kevin Evans        1181

Jeff McKay        1162

Rick Krewenchuk        1094

Recurve – Mstr. 60

Brian Kaun        884

Recurve – Sr.

Larry Moyer        1092

Greg Fong        980