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Cranbrook’s Sheldon Kelly in tight quarter-finals race

Kelly is looking to making it into the semifinals for Ski-doo’s North America’s Top Snowmobiler
Cranbrook’s Sheldon Kelly is looking for votes to making it past a close quarter-finals race to become North America’s top snowmobiler. Photo submitted.

Cranbrook resident Sheldon Kelly is looking for people’s help to vote him into Ski-Doo’s North America’s Top Snowmobiler.

Having won his opening round against Kari Amlin, Kelly is now in a tight quarter-finals race against Tom Kallman.

“It’s been way tougher than I expected,” he said. “I didn’t think Tom would be this tough, so even though it feels great, I am feeling the pressure to stay on everyone to vote for me. It’s been a 50/50 battle since the start, with a slight lead coming into the last few days.”

Kelly is now the lone Canadian representing Western Canada, as he hopes to make it to the finals which will see an east versus west match up.

Having been active in the snowmobiles community, Kelly is part of the Cranbrook Snowmobile Club and the BC Snowmobile Federation.

“I’m lucky to be part of these two organizations and that I have contributed so much in the past. It’s helping me now with this competition,” he explained.

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If Kelly does defeat Kallman he will be in the race to be the best of the west in the semifinals.

“I never thought I would get this much support from all of Western Canada. There has been huge local support these two rounds, and I’m very grateful for that — now it’s gone province-wide and that amazes me more. I even have friends around the world voting for me. It’s really helping to put Cranbrook on the map as a snowmobile destination and shows the world we have some top class riders here, and we’re willing to back that talent,” said Kelly.

Getting the opportunity to be crowned North America’s Top Snowmobiler, Kelly says would be an amazing opportunity for him and the community.

“It’s going to be as much as a success for me as it is for our whole community. Everyone has taken time out of their day for weeks now and I don’t want to let them down. I have my mind set on winning, I need to win for everyone that has supported me now,” he said.

Kelly and his supporters have been active on social media to get the word out to vote for him.

“It’s me trying to make sure I do everything I can do to not let anyone down. Like I said before, I want to make sure everyone’s time has been worth it. So thank you everyone that has supported me so far. I ask to please keep supporting me and let’s win this as a community,” he said.

Voting for the quarterfinals ends Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. and the semifinals will start right away on Jan. 25.

People can vote at www. First-time voters will have to confirm their email, and people can vote once a day. As well, voters get put into draws to win prizes.

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