Cranbrook's Tyson Hirscher (right) sizes up Winnipeg's Kevin McCarthey (left) prior to their bout in Calgary on Oct. 17.

Cranbrook's Tyson Hirscher (right) sizes up Winnipeg's Kevin McCarthey (left) prior to their bout in Calgary on Oct. 17.

Cranbrook fighter makes Muay Thai debut in Calgary

Cranbrook's Tyson Hirscher fought with heart but fell in his debut Muay Thai bout in Calgary Oct. 17

For The Townsman

Cranbrook fighter Tyson Hirscher is not a new name in combat sports throughout the East Kootenay.

Fighting out of Huncar’s Fighting Arts, Hirscher has been making waves in the west, making a name for himself locally, nationally and at the world level by winning gold at the WKC Kickboxing World Championships.

Since winning gold at the WKC championships in 2014, Hirscher has decided to step up his career and begin fighting in the amateur ranks of Muay Thai. The Cranbrook fighter made his debut showing Saturday, Oct. 17, at the Journey Fight Series 13 show in Calgary, Alta., where he took on Kevin McCarthey of Winnipeg, Man.

The Journey Fight Series is one of Canada’s biggest Muay Thai venues, making it a special opportunity for Hirscher to be invited by promoter Trevor Smandych.

Coming into the fight, Hirscher showed great composure considering he was considerably lighter than his opponent.

McCarthey, who fights out of Ultimate Muay Thai in Winnipeg, was pushed back early in the bout, as Hirscher immediately went to work using a series of punches.

Towards the end of the opening round, Hirscher took a hard left from McCarthey before receiving a flurry of hits that dropped him to the mat, but didn’t keep him down.

In the second round, McCarthey scored two knockdowns and the fight appeared over, but Hirscher continued to battle, weathering a further storm from his opponent.

The third round brought the best from Hirscher as he kept his distance and set a frantic pace.

The Cranbrook native landed some hard kicks, including a beautiful straight kick right up the middle that connected on McCarthey’s chin, followed by a swift and hard right hand punch.

Though Hirscher’s heart won him the third round, it was not enough to claim the bout as he lost a unanimous decision to McCarthey.