Cranbrook disc golf pro celebrates second big win of the summer

Cranbrook disc golf pro celebrates second big win of the summer

Casey Hanemayer placed first in the 2017 BC Disc Golf Championships in Kamloops

Paul Rodgers

One of Cranbrook’s own, Casey Hanemayer, has done the flourishing disc golf community that exists in this city proud, not once but two times this summer. Hanemayer finished first in the BC Disc Golf Championships that took place from September 16 to 17 in Kamloops, beating out 25 other competitors in the open category.

Hanemayer also claimed the top spot in open at the 2017 Alberta Open in Calgary that happened back in May. The Cranbrook native made a move to Lethbridge, where he works as a student trainer for the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns and at a golf course, but he will return here for a tournament on October 14 at the brand new course in Wycliffe.

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He explained that to play in the open category, as opposed to advanced, novice or the other numerous categories, one must have a rating of at least 960 attained from playing in at least ten Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) approved tournaments.

“You’re kind of seen as a sandbagger if you’re not playing in open if your rating is above a 960,” Hanemayer said.

His second round of three in the Kamloops tournament was the best round he’s ever played, with a rating of 1062.

“Pretty much anything over 1000 rated is really good golf,” he said. “And I just played super steady, pretty boring, I just took a lot of pars and a couple birdies.”

This is especially impressive considering that he played all three courses in the tournament blind, never having played them previously. Hanemayer grew up in Cranbrook and his father, Morris Hanemayer, was one of the guys, along with Mike Walls, who built the course here at the College of the Rockies. Since cutting his teeth there, Hanemayer moved to Lethbridge and now regularly plays the courses there. His diverse experience served him well in the tournament.

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“The Rose Hill [Kamloops] ones they definitely complimented my game ‘cause they’re longer and since I play in Lethbridge here — Lethbridge has the longest course in Canada I believe — so it definitely helped me play on the longer holes in Kamloops,” Hanemayer explained. “The one in Logan Lake complimented the game that I was brought up with in Cranbrook with the tight short holes.”

Hanemayer has competed in tournaments for the past three years and has played in around ten just this summer including tournaments in the United States, Alberta and Fernie.

Also an avid traditional golfer, he said that what he loves most about disc golf is that you’re just competing against yourself.

“When I was growing up I was playing team sports, hockey and lacrosse and stuff like that,” Hanemayer said. “I don’t know, you’re more in tune with yourself [playing disc golf] and you just play your own game, that’s why I like it so much.”