Checking in with the COTR Avalanche volleyball squads

Checking in with the COTR Avalanche volleyball squads

After some tough play at home and one road trip under their belts, the Avalanche hit the road again

The Avalanche ladies volleyball team has moved up two spots in the national rankings following their most recent games at home against Capilano. The ladies squad lost 3-1 on Friday but after a tense and exciting game Saturday that went to a fifth match, they were able to come away with a 3-2 win.

Head Coach Bryan Fraser called it a “good battle all weekend,” as they were matched up quite well against Capilano and were forced to execute well throughout, adding their biggest thing to work on in general is their consistency, particularly on offence.

“We want to try to have all of our positions attacking at a good rate and with a good connection with the setter,” Fraser said. “Right now it’s kind of like one position is going good, the other’s not, and then the next day the position that was struggling is going okay and then the other one’s not. So just consistency is the biggest thing for us I think.”

The ladies squad lost three of their four away games on their first road trip and are sitting at a 4-4 overall record before their next trip they depart for on Wednesday morning. They will face off against Victoria Island University and Camosun for two games apiece.

“We’ll be ready for sure,” Fraser said. “It’s going to be another difficult road trip, but with our first one under our belt I think we’ve made some adjustments as far as the travel schedule and accommodations and the girls will be a little bit more prepared for the games and the tough schedule so we’re looking forward to it.”

After winning two out of four games on the road, the Avalanche men’s volleyball team was unable to come away with a win in two games against the Capilano Blues at home this past weekend, losing 3-1 Friday and 3-0 Saturday.

Head Coach Cisco Farrero said he feels his squad had a chance to win but they weren’t quite as mentally tough as he would have like to see them after taking 20 points, and that they could have won three of the first four sets had they been sharper.

However, he is pleased with their first big road trip, where they won once and lost once against both the Columbia Bible College Bearcats and the University of Fraser Valley Cascades.

“We’ve definitely had our moments where we played well and then we’ve had a lot of moments of inconsistencies but to get two wins out of four on the road isn’t the worst thing in the world,” he said. “I thought we’d be able to build off of it a little bit better and we were unable to do so at home against Capilano. But hats off to them they were very, very good on Saturday.”

After practices on Monday and Tuesday, the Avalanche hit the road for two games against Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo and then Camosun in Victoria.

“[They’re] both very good, experienced teams, but teams that we’ve played quite well against in the past,” Farrero said. “We’re definitely looking forward to the opportunity to get back out and correct some of the inconsistencies from the past weekend.”

He added that with a road trip now under their belt, they’re better wiped to know what they have to do on the road in terms of rest recover and fuel for the athletes.

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