According to committee chair Dallas Mackie

According to committee chair Dallas Mackie

Another ‘outstanding’ year for Cranbrook Pro Rodeo

Great weather, competitive cowboys and cowgirls, along with strong volunteer crew provides success for annual professional rodeo

The 29th Annual Cranbrook Professional Rodeo went off without a hitch this past weekend at Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds, with large crowds enjoying fast-paced rodeo action courtesy of a competitive group of cowboys and cowgirls battling it out with strong rodeo stock.

“We had really good weather, we had outstanding cowboys and cowgirls, and very good crowds,” said Dallas Mackie, committee chair of the Cranbrook Professional Rodeo, Tuesday.

“This year, we probably had the best entry we’ve ever had. We had entries from all over North America, we had entries from New Zealand and Australia.

“Everyone got through it safe and I presume they were happy when they left.”

As always, bull riding provided fans with electric entertainment as Casey Berg of Wainwright, Alta., registered a score of 83 atop ‘Alberta Premium’ en route to a $939.54 payday.

Sticking with rough stock competition, Wade Sundell of Coleman, Okla., made the long trek north and was rewarded for his efforts in saddle bronc riding.

Sundell and his southern spurs landed a score of 83 atop ‘Patches’ to claim a hefty $1,803.42 cheque, finishing ahead of 30 other entries.

According to Mackie, this year’s saddle bronc field is the largest the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo has ever seen. A total of 33 riders registered for the festivities, with 31 going ahead with their rides as two cowboys withdrew last minute.

In bareback competition, Dylan Bilton of Red Deer County, Alta., finished head and shoulders above the rest of the field, scoring an 83-point ride on ‘Blue Jeans’ to land a $990.18 prize.

In tie-down roping action, Murray Pole of Erskine, Alta., wrangled his calf in eight seconds flat, besting 39 other entries to take the top prize of $1,450.15.

With 43 entries in the steer wrestling competition, there were plenty of cowboys in contention, but at the end of the weekend, Wade Landmark of Provost, Alta., took the title with a 3.5-second take down.

Landmark’s performance landed him on $1,517.08 pay dirt.

A total of 45 cowgirls entered into the ladies barrel racing and it was a B.C. gal taking top prize as Katie Garthwaite, of Merritt, made her way around the arena in 17.051 seconds.

The lightning-fast trip earned Garthwaite a $1,196.74 cheque as she edged out Nicole Pana of Wood Mountain, Sask. (17.155 seconds).

Vold Rodeo Ltd. once again provided the rough stock while Lazy B Timed Event provided steer-wrestling and tie-down roping cattle.

Critical to the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo is the support of community  volunteers and sponsors. Once again, Mackie was elated with the work put in by those involved.

“This kind of event would not take place without sponsors and especially volunteers,” Mackie said. “We have a real hardcore group of volunteers who come out every year.

“Our volunteers are our greatest asset.”

With the 29th edition of the annual dust up in the books, Mackie and her committee have already turned their attention to planning for the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo’s 30th anniversary.

“Generally, we stick to the tried and true,” Mackie said with a laugh. “We don’t do a whole lot of new things. Basically, the riders provide the new aspect from year to year.

“We started planning [Monday]. It’s our 30th anniversary next year and hopefully we’ll come up with something to surprise everybody.”

With planning already underway for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo, those interested in volunteering or sponsoring the event are encouraged to contact Mackie at 250-426-5792 or 250-426-2123.

2015 Cranbrook Professional Rodeo Unofficial Results

Saddle Bronc: 1) Wade Sundell, 83.0, $1,803.42; 2) Todd Herzog, 81.5, $1,481.38; 3) Cort Scheer, 81.0, $1,159.34; 4) Dustin Sippola, Sam Kelts, Cole Neely & Justin Berg, 80.5, $466.95 each; 8) Cody Demoss, Mark O’Dempsey & Layton Green, 80.0, $42.94 each

Bareback: 1) Dylan Bilton, 83.0, $990.18; 2) Cole Goodine, 79.5, $819.46; 3) Ky Marshall, 77.5, $648.74; 4) Logan Hodson, Cash Kerner & Bobby Peters, 75.5, $318.68 each

Bull Riding: 1) Casey Berg, 83.0, $939.54; 2) Dakota Buttar, 82.0, $745.15; 3) Travis Maguire & Beau Brooks, 80.0, $534.56 each; 5) Tyler Thomson, 79.0, $291.58

Tie-Down Roping: 1) Murray Pole, 8.0 seconds, $1,450.15; 2) Ben Robinson, 8.2, $1,261.00; 3) Clint Arave, Matt Shiozawa & Kyle Lucas, 8.3, $882.70 each;  6) Chad Johnson, 8.4, $504.40; 7) Dean Edge, 8.7, $315.25; 8) Kirk Robinson, 9.6, $126.10

Steer Wrestling: 1) Wade Landmark, 3.5 seconds, $1.517.08; 2) Morgan Grant, 4.0, $1,319.20; 3) Matt Mailer & Joe Guze, 4.2, $1,022.38 each; 5) Jonny Webb, Dustin Walker & Layne Delemont, 4.3, $527.68 each; 8) Ty Miller, 4.5, $131.92

Ladies Barrel Racing: 1) Katie Garthwaite, 17.051 seconds, $1,196.74; 2) Nicole Pana, 17.155, $1,025.78; 3) Nancy Csabay, 17.236, $854.81; 4) Bobbie Goodwin, 17.251, $740.84; 5) Braidy Howes, 17.257, $569.88; 6) Sherrylynn Johnson, 17.303, $455.90; 7) Kendra Edey, 17.312, $341.93; 8) Gaylene Buff, 17.318, $227.95; 9) Wacey Hollingworth, 17.331, $170.96; 10) Toni Dixon, 17.372, $113.98