Weed Warrior Frank’s Invasive Weed of the Week

Field Bindweed can take over your property

Weed Warrior Frank’s Invasive Weed of the Week

So, have you been wondering about the ground-hugging vine— withthe cute Morning Glory look-alike flowers (and arrow head shaped leaves) that popped up all over your neighbour’s lawn last year, or perhaps your lawn? Well, say hello to Field Bindweed!

Field Bindweed has been quietly taking over lawns on the south side of Cranbrook for about five years now, but this is an invasive weed that has been challenging farmers elsewhere in North America for a couple of centuries.

“What’s the big problem?” you ask.

Here’s the deal — Field Bindweed can spread by seed and through its root system, which may penetrate up to five metres deep, and take over your property.

How can you control it? According to the Ontario website below, the best time to apply a systemic herbicide, like Weed and Feed or Killex, is just as the flowers are in bud or about to bloom. Please don’t spray mature flowers and hurt the bees.

At the budding stage, Field Bindweed has used up much of its food stores to produce leaves and flowers, and is starting to send new food to the roots. That is the best time to deliver herbicide to all parts of the plant.

If you apply the herbicide too soon or too late, you may only affect the visible parts of the Bindweed, allowing the roots to survive and try again another day.

Field Bindweed flowers are produced in late spring and again in late summer, giving us two times every growing season to apply herbicide.

If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, local lawn professionals are happy to help.


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