Vancouver troubadours hit the Byng

Matthew Colin and Dirty Luke playing the Byng on Saturday

Lukas Berhndt grew up in Cranbrook and will return from the Vancouver music scene to play the Byng on Saturday.

Lukas Berhndt grew up in Cranbrook and will return from the Vancouver music scene to play the Byng on Saturday.

Ferdy Belland

For the Townsman

“I don’t have any serious plans for the rest of the year. I take each day as it comes.”

And so it goes with an enjoyably unconcerned attitude from Vancouver’s singer-songwriter Lukas Berhndt, whose next serious plan involves striding the stage with his scuffed boots and his battered guitar at the legendary Byng Roadhouse this Saturday, July 26, with his musical partner-in-crime Matthew Colin, who’s coming all the way in from Australia.

“The most memorable show I’ve ever played was in Vancouver,” Behrndt recalls.

“It’s a feature night called ‘For the Sake of the Song Sundays,’ and it’s held in an old brick studio with just one condenser microphone set up. The room was packed full of fellow songwriters and musicians. It’s so quiet in there, you could hear a pin drop. It’s a real treat when you get to play for a room full of people who want to hear what you’re saying.”

Behrndt and Colin’s dual appearance in Cranbrook is part of their current Southern B.C. tour, a travelling minstrel’s lifestyle which apparently they thrive on.

“If I could live on the road, I would,” Behrndt admits. “I feel most at home driving through the night to somewhere new. The road has inspired many of my songs and it’s my favorite place to be.”

Born in Wisconsin, Behrndt moved to Cranbrook at age 10 with his family and has spent the past four years immersing himself amongst Vancouver’s many vibrant neo-folk singer-songwriters.

“I love the music community I’m a part of,” Behrndt states. “I’m lucky enough to have gifted friends I admire; Matthew Colling, Bob Sumner, Elliot C. Way. Sitting around with these people after the bars close up and passing around a guitar and sharing songs is so inspiring…yet discouraging; they’re real writers, and they can make you re-think everything you’re doing.”

With his songwriting influenced by 1970s heroes such as Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Gram Parsons, Behrndt is looking forward to bringing his music back home to Cranbrook for the enjoyment of all.

“I listen to music all day mostly every day, so it’s always something different for me. Write what you know… and know what you write.”

Dirty Luke and Matthew Colin take the stage at the legendary Byng Roadhouse (downtown Cranbrook) at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 26.