Twenty Questions Answered

This week, Melodie Hull, Nursing Instructor and Actress, responds to our queries.

Melodie Hull

Melodie Hull

The Cranbrook Daily Townsman and Kimberley Daily Bulletin, in our ongoing mission to reflect the community, are pleased to present “20 Questions,” answered by those individuals who make our community great — which is everybody. We don’t intend to stop until we’ve covered everybody (but we’re leaving the politicians until last). This week, Melodie Hull, Nursing Instructor and Actress

1. If you could bring anything to the East Kootenay that isn’t already here, what would you bring and why?

Commercial greenhouses, like the ones you see along the highway near Tswassen, Richmond and the Vancouver Airport. There is no need for us to truck so much of our food here. Vegetable and fruit greenhouses would feed the region all year round and provide employment.

2. What’s your favourite annual fundraising event?

My husband and I always support the Cadets when they go around fundraising and we also support the Poppy Fund for Veterans and the Salvation Army Christmas kettles. Love the Public Library Annual Used Book Sale.

3. What superpower do you desire?

The power to take away hatefulness and spite.

4. What’s your least favourite Cranbrook or Kimberley street?

I am pretty disgusted with all the streets just south of Amy Woodland School because of the atrocious state of the streets. Shameful.

5. What’s your favourite Cranbrook or Kimberley Street?

12th Avenue South in Cranbrook up to about 5th Street South.

6. If the East Kootenay should become its own country, where should the capital be?

Just for once I’d like to see a capital actually in the geographical middle of something. To me that makes logical sense. I ‘d say the same thing about the national Canadian museums, government, etc. Provincial, too. Central so the people can access.

7. If you were to become Cranbrook urban wildlife, would you rather be a deer or a skunk?

I’d rather exist within a love-hate environment than only hate, dislike or disapproval. That means I’d opt for being a deer. However, I wouldn’t want all those male deer taking advantage of me willy-nilly, so I’d want to be a suffragette doe demanding those bucks got ‘fixed’!

8. One person, living or dead, you’d like to have an alcoholic beverage with?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. What an intellect. I also love mysteries and puzzles so I’d probably like to have more than one drink with Sir Arthur.

9. What do you specifically seek out at the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market?

When I go to the Market I always seek out the lady who bakes the white chocolate and strawberry scones and ginger snaps!

10. Should the million-gallon swimming pool that was buried in Baker Park be exhumed and put back into action?

Oh, yes absolutely! I took swimming lessons there and it was cold as (heck) but it was so great to have an open pool in town. This is something really missing here.

11. What’s a great new idea for Cranbrook/Kimberley tourism?

I think we need to do more to celebrate the history of this townsite, Cranbrook. I am talking about the days of Joseph’s Prairie, A’qkis ga’kleet and even long before that. Life didn’t start here when Galbraiths arrived in the mid-late-1800s.

12. Who’s your favourite Cranbrook/Kimberley musician or band?

The Cranbrook Bugle Band! Now there is a piece of tradition and a proud symbol of Cranbrook.

13. Favourite Cranbrook/Kimberley historical figure.

Chief Isadore (latter half of the 19th Century), a great leader of his people, the K’tunaxa. He wanted what was best for his people, advocated strongly and with gallant effort tried set things right in the face of huge controversy and genuine disinterest from new settlers and administrators.

14. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was really little I wanted to be an Indian Princess but then my parents took me on a trip to Chinatown Vancouver and I was sure I wanted to be a Chinese girl in one of those pretty, traditional silk embroidered dresses. As I grew older I wanted to teach schools in the jungles of South America and join the Peace Corp. I’ve done a version of the last one a couple of times, teaching in Mexico a number of times and then in Bangladesh. The others… well, the dreams of children.

15. If you could tell a visitor to the East Kootenay anything, what would you say?

Be very sure to go to as many of the lakes around here as possible. So many are picture perfect and wonderful places just to sit back and relax and enjoy nature. And don’t miss Fort Steele — its a fabulous experience.

16. Favourite album of all time? Why?

Sound track to the Phantom of the Opera.

17. Favourite movie of all time?

It is a toss up: Rocky Horror Picture Show and/or Young Frankenstein.

18. What is something most people won’t already know about you?

I play the piano and guitar and represented the East Kootenay with song and guitar in the BC Pavilion of Expo 86 in Vancouver. 3 short shows a day for a week!

19. Can you name one significant date in Cranbrook/Kimberley history?

1974: The Cranbrook Community Theatre became the stewards of the Old Masonic Hall on 11th Ave S, downtown Cranbrook and turned it into the Studio/Stage Door. CCT is still the steward and as such has contributed significantly to the arts in the East Kootenays.

20. Would you ever attend a City Council meeting if you didn’t have to?

Yes, and I have actually, just out of general interest.