The plays are the thing for 2015/16

Cranbrook Community Theatre's upcoming season features works by Sean Grennan, Neil Simon and Tennessee Williams.

Cranbrook Community Theatre's upcoming season features plays by Sean Grennan

Cranbrook Community Theatre's upcoming season features plays by Sean Grennan

Jennifer Henkes Inglis

The theme for Cranbrook Community Theatre’s 2015/2016 season is family. The family you’re born into; the family you marry into; and the family you make by the friends you choose. Family means drama, laughs, crises, secrets, and love.

The season will open in October with “Making God Laugh” by Sean Grennan, and introducing director Trevor Lundy. The holidays always bring out the best, and the worst, in families and this one is no different. Over a span of thirty years, Ruthie and Bill welcome their adult children home for the festivities.

In January 2016, Terry Miller will direct Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize winning drama “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. Set in the South, Big Daddy’s family gather to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday but the summer heat and tension are too much to bear.

The season wraps up in May, with Neil Simon’s classic comedy “The Odd Couple” directed by Bob McCue. Felix and Oscar may seem like an unlikely family but like a pair of battling siblings they know which buttons to push to drive each other crazy.

“Dealing with the dynamics of family, people you know so well, yet who can turn around completely take you by surprise, makes for great theatre” said CCT’s Production Manager, Jennifer Inglis. “I’m pleased to welcome Trevor Lundy to the CCT line up. This season’s directors bring with them a great deal of talent, knowledge and energy.”

There will be two general auditions for the upcoming season on Thursday, June 4 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, June 6, at 11a.m. at the Stage Door theatre.