Signs warn of roadkill dump sites

East Kootenay road contractors will warn recreationalists where there could be predators coming to visit

Signs will now be posted near where roadkill carcasses are dumped to warn recreational users about the possibility of predators.

In October, the Regional District of East Kootenay board of directors wrote to the local branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) with concerns about public safety in the areas where roadkill carcasses are dumped by Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting.

“It is our understanding that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure disposes of wildlife carcasses at various locations throughout the East Kootenay. As you know, predators are often drawn to locations where carcasses are present. With a view to preventing wildlife/human conflict, we would appreciate the Ministry’s consideration to posting warning signs at the disposal locations,” Chief Administrative Officer Lee-Ann Crane wrote on behalf of the board.

The MOTI reviewed the practices for highway carcasses, and agreed in a Jan. 14, 2014 letter that signs will now be posted near the disposal area when it’s in close proximity to a recreational area.

“Currently carcasses are disposed as randomly as possible, keeping the disposal sites 3-5 km away from populated areas. Ministry gravel pits are frequently used as disposal sites, and these gravel pits are currently signed and posted as ‘No Trespassing’. In addition there are other routinely used disposal sites within Ministry right of way,” wrote Gord Chudleigh, District Operations Manager for Rocky Mountain District, MOTI.