Left to right: Craig Simmons of C&S Performance

Left to right: Craig Simmons of C&S Performance

Rails to Trails Society owns new truck

Workers now patrol the 26-km trail via Mitsubishi microtruck

The North Star Rails to Trails Society is the proud owner of a new Mitsubishi microtruck, which will be used to service the immensely popular 26-kilometre biking/walking trail between Cranbrook and Kimberley.

The Society acquired the vehicle with some help from C&S Performance, a Cranbrook vehicle brokerage business which helps customers import vehicles from overseas.

After determining that the Mitsubishi was the appropriate vehicle, the Society approached Craig Simmons of C&S, who felt the most cost-effective way for the non-profit to get the vehicle was to import it directly from Japan. Three weeks, later, the right-hand drive truck arrived.

Jason de Rijk of Sidekick Stickers contributed the decals and signage, and the Mitsubishi set set to go, transporting volunteers the length of the trail, so they can mow the shoulders, cut away tree branches, remove debris, and otherwise keep the trail spruce and looking its best for the busy summer season.

The truck, with a three-cylinder, 660 cc engine, can get 40 miles to the gallon, and can travel for a week on one tank of gas.