Help plan produce garden

Residents are invited to a planning session on Wednesday for Cranbrook’s public produce garden

Anyone interested in what goes into Cranbrook’s Public Produce Garden this summer is invited to a planning session today, Wednesday, April 30 at 3 p.m.

The garden, located in Mackinnon Park between Hotshots and Save-On, was built in 2012 as a place where the community could come together to grow produce.

Anyone can help plant and maintain the garden, and anyone can harvest and take home the produce as it grows.

In its third season, gardeners are hoping to have more structure to what goes into the garden, according to Shannon Grey Duncan, communications coordinator of Cranbrook Food Action.

“Last year we had a totally open policy to seeding and planting in the garden,” said Grey Duncan.

“This year the consensus has been to have more group planning to ensure we grow as much as possible and make it easier and more efficient to harvest and maintain.”

This week’s planning session will focus on the annual garden bed and new beds that have been created this year, she went on.

“The priority now is figuring out what and how to plant the annual bed, as it’s time to start getting things in the ground,” said Grey Duncan.

“This is the second planning session and we’ll have more opportunities as the season progresses.”