Dedicated to Karen McGregor

MS Walk is fast approaching: May 3 to help end multiple sclerosis

karen MacGregor

karen MacGregor

For the Townsman

This year’s 2015 Scotia Bank MS Walk is dedicated to Karen McGregor and all of the people everywhere whose lives have been affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

The following is a brief article written by a dear friend of Karen’s.

“Karen McGregor was born, raised and lived her life in Cranbrook.  She was the oldest of three children in a long time resident family, in a home filled with much love.  She was an incredible wife and soul mate to Ron and an excellent, caring and loving mother to their three sons.

Karen was truly a caring and giving person. Every task she took on she gave 110 per cent. She was very organized and dedicated.  After she was diagnosed with MS she became the East Kootenay MS Self-help group’s  best and most effective fund raiser.  In her years working on group events, she had an outstanding positive and upbeat  attitude, which affected everyone involved.  Karen along with her dedicated family and loyal friends raised funds for the MS Society and the East Kootenay MS Self-help Group.  She did this to support the group’s goal, “to make people living with MS in our area have a better quality of life.”

Karen was the Walk Coordinator for two years  and in many of the other walks held in Cranbrook, she was behind the scenes spending endless hours to assist the Walk Coordinator for that year’s event, to make each one as successful as possible. Through her efforts she not only raised many thousands for our group but also directly for the MS Society, mainly through the MS Walks.

Also, Karen was involved in the local Paraplegic Group, helping to make Cranbrook more wheel chair accessible. She was a strong advocate for persons living in wheel chairs. Karen was always looking for more ways to give back to her community and help others. Even though she herself was in a wheel chair she loved to hold the door open for anyone with a disability or a senior.

When Karen was told she had leukemia it was already very advanced and she was rushed to Vancouver only to find that it was a rare and aggressive type and she had a limited time. But Karen was able to have several months at home before she passed in September of 2014. She had a remarkable attitude and even on a bad day the worst she was ever heard to say was “Today isn’t a good day” and left it at that. Whenever asked how she was doing she would respond, “I’m OK!” in a very upbeat voice. Then she would say “More importantly how are you?”  But that was Karen only being Karen.

Karen was such a strong, together, giving, loving, positive, cheerful person. Karen’s fight with MS and leukemia is over, she fought both gallantly with grace and dignity and during all this time she put others before her own problems and limitations.”

Please join us in carrying on Karen’s legacy by signing up to walk on May 3 or by donating to help us end MS. For further information, please visit or call Cyndie, the Walk Coordinator at 250-426-0020.