David Wilks

David Wilks

Cranbrook-Wardner trail gets Phase 2 funding

National Trail Coalition will be supporting this year's Phase 2 work on the Cranbrook to Wardner Destination Trail with $60,000.

For the Townsman

Trails BC announced last week that the National Trail Coalition will be supporting this year’s Phase 2 work on the Cranbrook to Wardner Destination Trail to the amount of $60,000.

At a ceremony at the Isadore Canyon Trailhead on Wednesday April 8, David Wilks, MP for Kootenay Columbia made the funding announcement in front of a group of trail supporters.

“The $60,000 NTC contribution will get us closer to our matching funding objectives with the National Trans Canada Trail,” said Trails BC director Al Skucas.

Trail Project Manager Neil Shuttleworth commented “This substantial  financial contribution to the project will help us to complete our  trail work on the rail grades that are on crown all the way through to Wardner, as well as allow us to get a good start on the Mayook Bypass section”

The NTC funding is sourced from the federal government’s Canada’s Economic Action Plan and targets shovel ready trail projects that can be completed this year.

$10 million dollars has been provided for trail projects all across the country.

The trail for the most part will utilize an abandoned rail corridor on crown land from Cranbrook to Wardner with a bypass around private interests at Mayook.

As a rustic and scenic complement to the already popular NorthStar Rails to Trails, this trail proposal will enhance outdoor recreational opportunities for our regional communities as well as serve to make the region a popular destination for trail users.

Phase 1 last year saw resurfacing of the rail trail on crown land for 7.5 km to Pritchard Road and a new 3.5 connector trail link was built to a trail amenity at the Highway 3 Ramparts Rest Area. Combined with the rail trail section, this makes for a lovely 6.5 km loop trail. Preliminary work was also started on a section of the Ha Ha Road to Wardner approach rail grade section. There are some minor works to be completed this spring but the rail trail section to Pritchard Road is currently usable in its improved state.

At this time we cannot recommend cycle use on the Rampart Connector section as the graveled surface is still somewhat wet and has not completely set. However walkers are more than welcome to try out the new trail.

Although matching funding is yet to be completely raised for Phase 2 of the project, Trails BC and its partners are well on our way in raising a good portion of these funds.