A celebration for peace

Rotary Park was abuzz with music, song and dance, as people gathered to honour the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Rotary Park was abuzz with music, song and dance, as people gathered to honour the United Nations International Day of Peace. It was held on the stellar last day of summer, Sept. 21, in our beautiful City of Cranbrook nestled in the breath-taking setting of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. It is difficult to find words to adequately express the multitude of feelings we each experienced as the talented performers and dignitaries express through words, song and dance, what peace means to them.

We were honoured to have Caitlin Paulsen of Stages School of Dance perform to the touching and heartfelt piece Instrument of Peace by the Canadian Tenors.

This is so beautiful that your heart is full to bursting, never mind the goosebumps. Sherri Green, Stages School of Dance hinted at having a group do this interpretation in 2015. We can hardly wait, and if you are not present you will surely miss one of the most awesome experiences ever!

On the other end of the spectrum and equally as awe-inspiring was Jacqueline Henry’s Interpretive Dance to “Song For Canada”. Many found themselves holding their breath, it was so very beautiful.

Added to all this was the fantastic Royal Stewart Highland Dancers under direction of Jane Stewart Nixon, a highlight the audience waits to experience each year; the very talented and colorful Filipino- Canadian Association of East Kootenay Dancers whom we are honored to have yearly; and for their first appearance this year, the high-energy Brazillion Cultural Dance Group from the College of the Rockies International Department.

We also salute all the musicians and singers: Rev. Plant, Bag Pipes; ‘KGB” – Dave Grieve, James Buhler, Allan Kimmell; Dean Smith; Amanda Lynn Bott; Tom Bungay; Rob Bott; Dave Prinn; Nashville Hall of Famer, Mr. Ed King; Audrey Stetski; John Dumas — all of these so talented people had chosen music and words that really spoke to peace, unity, and love.

As the approximately 200 International Flags of the World gently swayed from tree to tree, the pink hats that the children made wove through the crowd, and the Cranbrook Arts Council’s “Peace Pinwheels” turned in the gentle breeze, all of the musicians led the audience in the grand finale singing “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream” and “We Shall Overcome”.

The Committee for Cranbrook Celebration for Peace Society wishes to extend a very sincere and humble ‘thank you’ to all the sponsors and contributors; to all the volunteers and a special thank you to the International Students, especially to all the Entertainers that make this celebration the memorable awesome event that it is. May we all remember this special day and its meaning as we traverse through the coming days, and keep hope in our hearts until we can renew and fill our cups once again next year.

See you in Rotary Park Sept. 20, 2015