Hugs & Slugs

What do the people have to say these days …

Slugs: To the people responsible for dumping a bed box spring at the Bee Line pull out just east of Cranbrook. I can not fathom why anyone would want to do this! My husband and I discovered it on Wednesday, December 2nd. We made the four minute drive and dropped it off at the Cranbrook transfer station, which you should have done. FYI, there is no charge to do this, so hopefully you will be kind enough to take your garbage there in the future.

Hugs: To the Nissan Service Department. Great service always and they always do a great job often going the extra mile and returning my vehicle washed. This year being extra safe following COVID precautions. So appreciated.

Hugs: Big hugs to the young lady who offered me her shopping cart at Superstore Dec 2/20 at 10:55 am. I declined & thanked her on the spot as I didn’t need it. It is heartwarming to see & hear respect from the younger generation & accolades are well deserved-thankyou again from a disabled senior.

Slugs: Huge slugs to “butterman” tossing all the butter around in Superstore Nov 30/20 because he needed to find a perfectly shaped pound of butter — he had absolutely no respect for the store staff let alone other customers who were waiting patiently for him to finish his tirade.

Hugs: Big hugs to the man in the black truck by Moir Park who went out of his way to drive up and honk his horn at a group of deer to encourage them to move off the road. Thanks to you I was able to finish my morning walk and still make it home to start work on time. Much appreciated!

Hugs: To all the wonderful people at Alpine Toyota, especially Chris and Bruce. You made the purchase of our new Tundra stress-free and enjoyable. We love it. And the coats are fantastically warm. We can honestly say we would never go anywhere else for a vehicle.

Hugs: Huge Hugs to the Cranbrook taxi drivers who, every day put their health at risk during the pandemic, to make sure the people of Cranbrook get to their appropriate destinations. They drive the citizens of Cranbrook to or from the airport, the hospital, medical appointments, work, shopping, and so much more. These taxi drivers are essential workers and we should all thank them for a job well done!

Hugs: We would like to send a huge hug to the lovely, kind, young lady that paid for our groceries at Safeway on Friday morning at approximately 10 a.m., Dec.4, 2020. It is a wonderful way to lift our spirits during this stressful time. Rest assured that we will pay it forward.

Slugs: To the person who hit my car (a green Subaru Outback) at the parking lot of Real Canadian Superstore and did not leave a note. It happened Tuesday, December 1st around 4pm. I can’t believe nobody saw anything, because it was parked very close to the entrance.

The $500 deductible could have spent in a better way these days.

Slugs: Huge Slugs to the people who do not clean up after their dogs in the Community Forest. Walking into the forest from Mt. Baker Road is a long parade of poop. You have no excuse for not cleaning up! There are even poop bags provided by local businesses. Please clean up after your dog so we can all enjoy the Community Forest

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