Welcome to September: And here is … Hugs & Slugs!

Welcome to September: And here is … Hugs & Slugs!

Latest from the Vox Populi

Slugs: To the dog owners who take their aggressive dogs to the dog park and do nothing when their dogs attack other dogs. It’s not fair to the dogs who come to play. Take them out in the bush if you want them to run wild!

Hugs: Big Hugs to Mitchell at Save-On-Foods for his excellent service! Not only did he find the cheese I was looking for, but he cut me two pieces and when I mentioned I was going to freeze one he offered to vacuum seal it for me! Thank you Mitchell, your customer service is excellent! You will go far!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the gentlemen who assisted my mother at the Petro Canada station in Marysville after she fell last Wednesday. It’s nice to know we have such kind and caring individuals in our community.

Hugs: A big overdue hug to the staff of Huckleberry Books. Your store is amazing and everyone is so friendly and helpful! And seeing your sales cat Max always makes my day!

Hugs: To the City of Kimberley for finally installing Electronic Speed Signs on Rotary Drive in Kimberley.

Slugs: To the drivers who refuse to obey, or ignore the speed signs on Rotary Drive, this is a residential area, not a speedway.

Slugs: The infernal racket noises echoing from Kinsmen Park, morning and night, seven days a week, is invasive and disturbing to our residential neighborhood that surrounds it. City Council has allowed this project without citizens and vote approval — why? They are accountable to the tax payers and park users who can’t even find parking spaces there.

Hugs: A big hug to the couple who paid for my meal at Hot Shots on Aug. 25. Your dog barked at me but your sincere apology was more than enough! Thanks for making my day!

Slugs: To a local Cranbrook restaurant. While the counter person wears Covid 19 protection with a mask and shield, the cook does not wear a mask or anything covering his face nor is there social distancing with other employees. This was noted on August 25 at noon.

Hugs: To Lornel Pocha for the many rides to church over the years. Thank you. God bless you.

Hugs: Thank you to the kind person who put a little note on my windshield that my tires were separating and could blow. I do all my driving on the highway and that kind note prevented a possible disaster.

Slugs: To all the grumps who are complaining about businesses not having hand sanitizer or plexiglass. Yes we are all aware of COVID, and everyone’s level of concern is different. Last I checked individuals were still free to buy their own hand sanitizer and carry it with them. Do you want local businesses and governments to cut your meat for you at meal times too? Take some personal responsibility for yourself instead of whining about everyone else’s choices, go ahead and boycott businesses, stay home and be angry.

Hugs: Seb at Kootenay Computers has been our go to computer expert for the past few years. He has kept our home and office computers running perfectly.

Hugs: I would like to send a hug out to Spencer at the Victoria Street car and pet wash. I had forgotten my change purse that had $40 in it and he had returned it all in tact. It is good to see some honesty left in Cranbrook still.

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook and their non-existent air quality bylaws. All summer a 10 acre construction project has been ongoing on Innes Avenue. Anyone living within a one kilometre radius has been living with an unsurmountable amount of dirt in the air and in their homes during the hottest part of the year.

Hugs: With regards to the slug on the recycling program, I side with you about the difficulties to bring our recycling to an appropriate bin without a car (yes, we DO exist): however, should you have any questions about the recycling program, you might want to contact the Regional District of East Kootenay. Although the town of Cranbrook does play its part, the program falls under the responsibility of the RDEK.

Hugs: Sending a huge hug to the staff and caretakers at Garland Bay. The campground is immaculate and the staff is so friendly. They made our stay a wonderful event to remember and we are forever grateful for the hospitality.

Slugs: To the person who stole our two deck chairs! May your conscience bother you each time you sit in them, making them very uncomfortable!

Hugs: To the parts guy, Germinder, in the automotive dept of Cdn. Tire. Friendly & efficient service with a great customer service personality. Thank you.

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