Blue Bur has a diabolical attraction to your puppy, your shoes, your socks …

Blue Bur has a diabolical attraction to your puppy, your shoes, your socks …

Weed Warrior Frank’s Invasive Weed Of The Week

Blue Bur, with its BB sized burrs is one of those annoying cling-ons that you wish would just disappear from your life. Why our provincial government would think a plant that has a diabolical attraction to both your puppy and your socks deserves to flourish is beyond me.

At least Cranbrook City Hall was willing to listen to reason, and told its weed contractors they could continue to target the little pest.

Now is a good time for you citizens to help keep your neighbourhoods, roadsides, alleys and dog walking trails free of the menace with the tiny blue, sometimes white, flowers.

Blue Bur (aka Western Stickseed) has a shallow taproot. Using a screwdriver to loosen the dirt around it first, you can pull the Blue Bur stem and root from the ground before its blue flowers are replaced by tiny burrs. If the burrs have already formed, wear dishwashing gloves to protect your sleeves, snip the stem with pruning shears and garbage bag the plant. Always put weeds into the regular garbage for deep burial.

Now, if some burrs get onto your puppy, a pinch of corn starch rubbed all over each burr will help you gently ease it from dog hair, horse hair, or your hair (Thanks for the tip, Martina). As for your kid’s sneaker — good luck with them, eh!

For anyone who got lost trying to find the Residential Applicator Certificate Course on the Province of B.C. website. This web address should take you right there.

Weed Warrior Frank