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We got some Hugs, we got some Slugs …

Hugs: to our public elected representatives who have been working on changing the price of gas in Cranbrook. They have succeeded , against all odds but with one flaw. We want the price to go DOWN not up!

Hugs: to our public elected representatives who have been working on changing the price of gas in Cranbrook. They have succeeded , against all odds but with one flaw. We want the price to go DOWN not up!

Hugs to the man in the bright green Dodge truck who put himself between the Momma deer and my friend & me and our three dogs on June 10 on 3rd St S. We were trying to avoid her and his action made our getaway a success.

Hugs: Big hugs! Took my Camry into Toyota on Wednesday for an oil change. Thank you Dillon for the great service!

Hugs: To Gordie and Larry. We needed a ramp built for my husband who is very ill. Gordie and Larry came over and built it for us, no charge. Two amazing guys. Thank you so much. Jim is so happy. He can get in and out of the house, no problem now.

Hugs: To Jessica, Kier and one other lady who is anonymous. We asked them to pick up some things from Costco. When they brought them in they said no charge they paid for them. We are going through a hard time and these gestures are worth so much to us. Cranbrook has some of the best and kindest people.

Hugs to Keon, owner of Just Music on Baker Street in downtown Cranbrook. He was so very helpful when I tried to locate a very different-sized battery that I needed for a TENS machine. Friendly, helpful, sincere and above and beyond considerate help. Please help support our local owners, who still offer great custom service.

Huge Hugs to the Cranbrook Fire Department for rescuing the momma deer in the fenced enclosure who couldn’t get out. Her three babies were outside the fence. You were the only department that would do anything. Thank you so very much.

Huge Slugs to Park Royal neighbours who light wood fires in their back yards to socialize, and pretend they are camping. The rest of us open windows to cool our homes down on summer evenings, only to find we must shut them again as our rooms fill up with acrid wood smoke. The fine particulate matter is especially bad for the 20% of us (BC Lung Association stats) who suffer from COPD, asthma and other respiratory conditions. So how about thinking of others by NOT lighting wood fires in your back yard? Wouldn’t you be upset if a neighbour filled your house with wood smoke?

Slugs: To the CVSE. A drive along the strip in cranbrook will always reveal several of these units parked , sometimes in groups, looking for violators. Wonder why they never venture into the neighbourhoods where construction is taking place and trucks are using jig brakes, spilling gravel on the freshly city swept streets , and running around without covering their loads.

A huge hug to Jamie at D J’s Hair Salon for my new “do”! I am thrilled with the cut! Hubby is also looking very spiffy after his haircut too! Thanks again - we will be back!

Hugs to everyone who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, whether the message is political in nature or not! It is the responsibility of all political representatives to keep us informed of what they are doing on our behalf. We should not have to like them on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter in order to hear from them. Canada Post does still deliver to all of us…!

Hugs: Hugs to our local RCMP for all they do for us. You are much appreciated!

Slugs to Canada Post for routing my mail to NOT my address even though envelopes clearly state my address and sometimes my name!!!. there is a difference between st and ave. n and s!!! this has been incredibly and unduly stressful during tax time and relying on mail these days.

Hugs to the folks who have been getting my mail and letting me know, and delivering it once you realized you are not me! I would and have done the same. thank you!

Hugs: Duthie’s Propane would like to say “THANK YOU!” to the “community member” who donated gifts to the management and staff for being essential workers. Your act of kindness was a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated! Many thanks and many hugs from all of us!! Cheers.

Hugs: Sending “Hugs” to Lynaie from Home Hardware who was a tremendous help during my recent shopping trip to the store. She was very knowledgeable and went out of her way to find what I needed. It was very much appreciated. Thank you!

Slugs to the inconsiderate cat owners who allow their cats to roam freely damaging neighbors gardens, killing birds and squirrels and being a general nuisance.

Barry Coulter

About the Author: Barry Coulter

Barry Coulter had been Editor of the Cranbrook Townsman since 1998, and has been part of all those dynamic changes the newspaper industry has gone through over the past 20 years.
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