Voice of the People for the middle of May

Voice of the People for the middle of May

Hugs: Grateful hugs to the team at Alpine Toyota: firstly, for managing to fit in and fix the Blue Bomber “immediately” when a problem arose Monday, the day of a most necessary road trip; secondly, and hugely belatedly, for taking care of tire issues LAST August, (also on eve of an important departure…hmm, bit of a theme here…) with Rob spearheading home pickup and then delivery of the vehicle, with issue resolved. Thanks, and thanks, for your continued car and customer care!

Slugs: In regards to an April 30th Hug “Huge Canadian Slug to Scheer and the conservatives for allowing a MP in their caucus who spouted racist and defamatory rhetoric about Dr. Theresa Tam — he should have been expelled immediately AND for trying to reconvene parliament in an unsafe manner.”

Hugs: Big, big Hugs to Terry at Ashley Home Store for going above & beyond to help me buy a fridge. His patience and understanding was OUTSTANDING! He even helped me find someone to deliver my new fridge and take the broken one way. Plus, he even came and helped with the delivery. What a salesman! We need more people like you in this country Terry! Be safe everyone!

Slugs: To the abusive people (you know who you are) going through the local drive thrus. You’re swearing and yelling at people who are taking risks to serve you because they may be out of an item or the line is slow? Give your heads a shake.

Hugs: To the City for placing several porta-potties in strategic locations around the down-town. They are much appreciated by our senior citizens out for a walk.

Hugs: Great BIG hug for Rhonda, Ron and Arturo from Superstore here in Cranbrook. They are the main reason why I shop there. All 3 of them are super hero’s in my eyes especially for what they have been going through during this pandemic! They all have smiles waiting for me and if I have any questions that are always willing to help me out. In fact Arturo will show me things in his organic section that I didn’t even know were there. PS, if you didn’t know this before Arturo makes the best cheesecake in the world. Ron is always greeting me with a hello and nice to see you. And Rhonda, I will wait for her check out to be available and won’t go to others because Rhonda treats me with respect and makes me feel comfortable shopping there! They all know me by name and I think they all deserve a wonderful heartfelt thank you as they are front line workers who are dealing with so much but still continue to keep it all together just to help us out!!! Keep up the terrific work, Superstore should know how valuable you really are!!! Thank you all, Krista

Hugs: This goes to all of the amazing staff at the Cranbrook Salvation Army. I see what all of you do daily to help the community out and to grow forward. You all come in to serve the public and even when the pandemic is in full throttle, you don’t give up and you keep being here to help the people who cannot help themselves and with BIG smiles and BIG hearts you can clearly see why you all race to come to work!! You are the front line, you deal with the public daily and are relentless for taking care of the community. You care with your heart so that others don’t go without. Thank you for all that you do!

Hugs: HUGE hug to Shannon and all her staff at Top Crop for their incredible hard work in accommodating customers during this pandemic

Hugs: Huge Hugs to a certain Nanaimo company for giving out free soil for people’s gardens.They even delivered the soil to front line workers who couldn’t get to the event. What a fantastic way to give back to the community during these times.

Hugs: To City Councillors Norma Blissett, Wayne Price and John Hudak, for responding to the email I sent to all Council members. Hugs to the three of you for being open and transparent Council members.

Hugs: To the person in the car in front of us at Dairy Queen on Sunday bought our ice cream cones and wishes of happy Mother’s Day for my 93 year old mother and myself thank for making our day so special.

Hugs: A hug to the person who slugged the dairy producers. If you are that mean and uneducated, maybe a hug will give you enough compassion to investigate before you send slugs. No farmer EVER feels good about wasting what they have worked so hard to produce, and I can guarantee that dumping milk is heartbreaking to those forced to do it. The pandemic has produced problems no one has experience in the past; with restaurants and institutions not operating, the sale of 20L milk containers has ground to a near halt, and the plant producing that cannot magically change the packaging to something that can be distributed to food banks. That is just one example of several problems producers are facing. There are people working hard on solutions, but cows produce milk everyday and solutions do not appear over night. Don’t kick people when they are down when you don’t know the whole story.

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