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‘Tis the Season for Hugs & Slugs

Hugs: To Rotary, Colombo Lodge, Rick’s Fine Meats, Lee Pratt & Council, Firefighters & everyone who assisted in the Senior’s Turkey Dinner. Much appreciated.

Hugs: To Rotary, Colombo Lodge, Rick’s Fine Meats, Lee Pratt & Council, Firefighters & everyone who assisted in the Senior’s Turkey Dinner. Much appreciated.

Slugs: To Politicians and local companies who do not return phone calls or answer letters. Example: letter to Prime Minister sent in May acknowledged in November. Letter to Minister in Ottawa, not acknowledged until local MP followed up. Letter to BC Premier received Oct 3, still not answered.

Hugs: To all the businesses and groups that took the time and effort to decorate and participate in the annual Santa Claus parade. Loved the Remax Blue Sky entry with their festive float, great job! Mainroad Contracting brought a smile with their “stuck snowman” in their big snow blade.

Hugs: To Tamara Stiles for being a lovely person and kind friend!

Hugs: To Walter at Canada Post. You are always professional with great customer service.

Hugs: To Daleen Babee for being an amazing lady. You are so talented and I am very grateful for your help as a lactation consultant!

Hugs: To Dr. Teara Ashby! Your dedication to our community and your patients is one of a kind. We appreciate your hard work!

Hugs: To Trevor and his team at Fitness Inc. Even though you were insanely busy that day, you took the time to have forms ready for me and I super appreciate it! One of the many reasons I love being at your gym.

Hugs: To many community members for opening or holding doors for me and my family. Our stroller is huge and awkward. These acts of random kindness make me smile all day. Thank you!

Hugs: The finest of hugs for Christmas, the BEST day of the year!

Slugs: To the person complaining about the driver at Steeples School. If school is not in session, then it’s not a school day regardless of whether it’s Friday or not. The sign clearly states: 8am to 5pm school days only and that particular Friday, was not a school day.

Hugs: To Arturo at the Superstore! Arturo goes out of his way to help and never makes me feel like I am interrupting his work. He is very knowledgeable about the store and the products. Thanks Arturo!!!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the new manager of the Kimbrook Apartments. You are doing a FABULOUS job and are very much appreciated.

Hugs: Big hugs to the gentleman who paid for coffee all day at McDonald’s on Sunday. Surprisingly, the best coffee I ever tasted.

Hugs: Big hugs to Moody Bee in Kimberley for donating a beautiful table of their amazing honey products to The Pines’ Pop Up Shop. The residents were so excited to be able to shop for special gifts for their loved ones.

Hugs: Big hugs to the Recreation Staff at The Pine Special Care Home. Each month they create a Pop Up Shop using community donations so the residents can shop using Pines’ Bucks! Awesome job!

Slugs: To those who defaced the Hydro and Telus boxes with “Ugly” in dripping red paint! I hope you get caught!

Hugs: Big Hug to the two gentlemen who helped get me get off the road when it had been freezing rain.

Hugs: To all involved with the last Locals show (of the decade as emcee Katie pointed out!) Another crowd pleasing mix of inspiring newcomers and returning favorites. Thank you, performers and especially, all the folks who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes and on the stage. You’re all awesome! See you next year, for the next show!

Hugs: To the considerate couple walking their two big dogs (“Cleo” and ?) at Elizabeth Lake recently. So appreciate that you kept your canine companions ON leash and under control, when approaching passersby. Wish there were more pet parents like you, especially on city walkways. Thank you!

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Barry Coulter

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