The week’s worth of Hugs and Slugs

The week’s worth of Hugs and Slugs

Slugs to those who are operating ATVs and dirt bikes on the NON-motorized portions of the South Star trails. There are plenty of “authorized” off-road areas for you to spin your wheels.

Wow! Kudos to the management and staff at Winners in the Tamarack Mall. You have done an amazing job of setting up systems in your store to ensure the safety of your clients. I don’t always feel comfortable going into businesses during these challenging times, but will have no hesitation returning to Winners. Thank you!

Hugs to the City! Was thinking just this Monday that the alleyways in the neighbourhood were getting mighty dusty in when, lo and behold, the truck was out Tuesday doing dust control. Guess telepathy does work…!

Hugs: for Mayor Lee Pratt and the 2020 Council Members. It is the first time in 45 years a council, listened, reacted and produced for us, that live on 12th Ave South. We Now have a smooth road surface without potholes to drive on.

Hugs: A huge thank you to the “Tonitos” for all your help when my truck ran out of gas, letting me use your phone and leaving my vehicle at your place. Many thanks from a complete stranger!

Hugs: Thank you once again for the lovely pictures of our local wildlife in our local newspaper Kootenay News Advertiser. Hugs to our photographers — Bob Whetham, Gary Billmark, Craig Montgomery, Helga Knote, Miriam Saville, Stewart Wilson.

Hugs: Impressive Covid-19 protocol at Cranbrook ABC! Thank you to all of the staff for their thoughtful, safe and kind environment.

Slugs to Canada Post parcel delivery. Order tracking advised they dropped off a parcel at my residence front door, at 8:33 in the morning. The correct address was on the parcel label but the parcel sure was not there.

This seems to be common with other delivery services as well.

Slugs to people that receive a parcel delivered by parcel delivery drivers that do not belong to them and keep the contents for themselves. There is a word for that and it is called “theft” and stealing mail is a federal offence.

Hugs: To the two owners who so thoughtfully trimmed our hedges, and to the folks to maintain the lovely flower bed area at Forest Park Estates. A big thank you! It makes such a difference to the complex!

Hugs to High Country Sports. I was so impressed with the Covid protocol this business has implemented so customers can shop in a safe manner. The number of shoppers in the store is limited, every customer must use hand sanitizer, masks are provided, plexiglass is in place and physical distancing is respected. I felt very comfortable shopping there. Thank you for your efforts. That is how we will stay safe and keep businesses open. A satisfied customer.

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