The time of the week when people speak

The time of the week when people speak

Hugs: For Judy who works at the Gold Creek Market. Always serves you with a smile, such a friendly lady. We love to support this local store and we can always find what we need there, a fabulous store! If you haven’t tried the baked goods, from cheese sticks to fresh baked bread and buns, you must. Freshest produce ever. So huge hugs to you Judy and thank you!

Hugs: Patiently waiting to give the City Engineers and Staff a Super Hug for Grading 12th Avenue South above 13th Street. Driving on the edge. Hope to see it Done soon.

Hugs: A big hug for all the front line workers who do so much to keep us healthy, especially at Joseph Creek Village. They always have a smile no matter how hard they work or are short on staff. It is much aprecated.

Hugs: (socially appropriately distanced) to Curator Honor Neve and Business Manager Valerie Bourne, for quietly working away behind closed doors at the Cranbrook History Centre during the COVID-19 lockdown and now busily preparing for a controlled reopening on June 2nd. Your continued dedication is much appreciated.

Slugs: To the people who were camping on May long weekend in closed area (Koocanusa Lake bottom). Red SUV with tent on top and separate van with 3 tents. SUV was doing donuts in the mud and driving in Gold Creek. Maybe the slug should be directed at the COs for not enforcing the closures. I think the biggest slug should go to the Government for putting these restrictions in place and not having the resources to enforce them, if they think signs and notices will keep people out, they’re Wrong!

Hugs: Big hugs to our mail carrier and city sanitation worker who called to inform me that our dog and the neighbour’s had followed her to 14th avenue and were on the street in traffic. They caught both the dogs and kept them safe until I could come and retrieve them.

Hugs: To Rockin’ In The Rockies car club for touring our essential services areas, honking their horns, and donating food hampers to the food bank. Also, thanks for the patient motorists who let the cars pass when sometimes traffic was held up.

Hugs: To Diane at Willowbrook Estates who fished out a baby duckling who fell down a storm drain with mother duck nearby in distress.

Slugs: To the gas stations in town. Vancouver is paying what we are paying for gas and they have an 18.5¢/litre Translink Tax included.

Hugs: To the chalk sidewalk artists on 24th Avenue North, nice to see kids drawing on the sidewalk.

Hugs: To all the friendly people who say hi to and smile at people they come across in their daily wanderings around town.

Hugs: To the guys/gals with the big Canadian flags in the back of their pick ups.

Slugs: Huge slugs to the lady at a certain store who refused to physically distance herself even when asked politely to stop – twice.

Hugs: To the lady and her 2 labs who picks up the garbage and poop bags on the walking trails just south of Marysville that uncaring people leave behind.

Hugs: To Perry’s pizza for their outstanding service. I was blown away by the how friendly and accommodating Perry was.

Hugs: To all the water savers. Those that aren’t watering their driveway, sidewalk or street. Especially to those waiting until after our rainy season, that means June, to turn on the taps. Being water wise is everyones responsibility.

Hugs: To all the senior ladies/men who work at the East Kootenay Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store. We miss you…your peals of laughter and strains of “Happy Birthday” from your coffee break room, sharing our excitement over the treasures we’ve found. Can’t wait to see all of you again, most likely behind masks, but the smiles will be in our eyes. Stay safe, until we meet again.

Hugs: To the Friends of the Library for all of their amazing book sales in the past. Little did we know what a comfort those books on our shelves would be now during this pandemic! Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. Books are our life preservers, word-to-word resuscitation, for these difficult times. May we find a book (or a song) to help with every emotion we have been going through.

Slugs: Huge slugs to an independent business owner in Kimberley, I am embarrassed for you as the way you treat gas station clerks over the brand of cigarettes, they told you 6 times, they do not carry nor will they ever plan to. So move on and stop being a entitled individual. You’re known to speak very ugly to even other businesses unless it’s of value to you financially. I feel sad for you, but it has to be said. I hope you get the opportunity to read this.

Hugs: To Steve (even though I know he is not a ‘hugs’ sort of guy) and his great staff at Windsor Plywood for the exceptional service they are giving during this time. Because of them during this lockdown I have been able to build kitchen cabinets, uppers and lowers for me and help my son in law build a drawer unit for my granddaughter.

Hugs: To Kevin at Rocky Mountain Air Tech for great service and promptly returning calls.

Hugs: To Ryan and Tom at Key City Drywall for taking the time to find me someone to fix my gutters and Hugs to Peak Exteriors for promptly fixing said gutters.

Slugs: To the two businesses who did not even bother to return my calls when looking for someone to fix my gutters. So frustrating when a return call to say they are too busy would be nice. Will certainly not get any future business from me.

Hugs: To Dave and Kimberly for the prompt service and beautiful landscape project.

Hugs: To the waitress and her boyfriend who helped my daughter get her car started when the battery had died when she was leaving work. Your help was very much appreciated especially as it was pouring rain. Thanks again!

Hugs: To The Butterfly Garden Authentic Chinese Cuisine located on Van Horne Street. A great little place for take out Chinese food and its simply delicious. We have ordered there many times, because the food is so good. Check it out!

Hugs: To Stewart Wilson for the lovely picture of the Mountain Bluebird sitting on her eggs, featured on the front page of our local newspaper Kootenay News Advertiser on May 21st 2020. Hugs also for the all the photographers who continue to bring us beautiful pictures of wildlife, Bob Whetham, Helga Knote, Miriam Saville, Kathleen Opal, Kareen Peters. Thank you!

Hugs: To a recent slug on cyclists riding their vélos on regular sidewalks. Twice I was riding on the side of the road only to be told by fellow cyclists to get off the road to ride on the sidewalk. There is a bylaw against operating a vélo on a regular sidewalk. Don’t take my word for it, comrades, go check with City Hall!

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