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The last Hugs & Slugs of November: See you next month …

Hugs: To the people who have already put out their Christmas Lights. During this Covid time we can all use the cheering up that the Christmas Lights bring.

Hugs: To the people who have already put out their Christmas Lights. During this Covid time we can all use the cheering up that the Christmas Lights bring.

Hugs: Big Hugs to the staff at the Lab in the Tamarack Mall. I went there the other day expecting a big wait. They were very friendly, fast and efficient. We are so blessed to live in this town.

Hugs: To Cranbrook Fire Emergency Services and utility crews for the job well done on last week’s gas leak incident. Its wonderful and reassuring to have such a capable and diverse fire department. Job well done.

Hugs: We needed help on Nov 9th when the circulating pump on our old hot tub blew. Water squirting as the snow fell. Marysville Hot Tubs was there for us. Sheldon was amazing, answered our calls immediately! Thank you! Matt & Daisy made time for me when I needed extra parts. We highly recommend Marysville Hot Tubs - An excellent Team with customer service above & beyond!!

Slugs: To the woman shovelling snow onto the Strip. Last I looked that’s not where you’re supposed to put it.

Hugs: To David at City Public Works for keeping the sidewalks plowed on Victoria Ave. all the way to 10th St. S. Thank you from all the walkers.

Hugs: To Emily, a Telus employee for being so pleasant and helpful in dealing with my cell phone problem.

Slugs: To the people who congregate at the entrance of stores during lunch hour not wearing masks or practicing social distancing and forcing shoppers to enter and leave through the crowd.

Hugs: To the Townsman for the Quiz Time section. Great section of the newspaper to read your Horoscope, do your favorite puzzle and end with testing your knowledge and perhaps learning something new.

Hugs: On Friday, November 13th, in the midst of the snow storm, we were having significant issues with our windshield wipers on our Subaru Outback so we pulled into the Kimberley Lordco. One of their employees was outside at the time so we asked him for assistance. He immediately tried to fix our problem but, as it was, we needed new blades. He sold us the necessary blades and we were then able to drive home safely. He restored our faith in the human race. He went well beyond what was necessary but we truly appreciated everything he did for us. A fine gentleman who was well brought up by his parents.

Hugs: To the staff working at Showcase, so professional and friendly, if you have not visited there you need to for Christmas.

Hugs: Hugs and thanks to the drive thru staff at Tim Horton’s by Wal-Mart, so friendly and helpful, an asset to the store in so many ways.

Hugs: To the newly renovated “The Pub” for giving us a safe place to get-out & socialize. Good Service: Good Drinks & Eats. Had a lovely time. Thank you oh so much for being Open during these difficult times. Thumbs-up!

Hugs: Big hugs to whomever shovelled all of 12th Ave South Tuesday morning. You are one awesome neighbour.

Hugs: Thank you to Matt at JJ Mechanical for coming up to fix my furnace twice. I appreciated it. Excellent service.

Hugs: Huge hugs to Stephan and all the amazing volunteers at the Salvation Army for the great lunches and groceries they provide. Don’t know what I would do without your generosity. Thank you.

Hugs: Super Hugs to our Fire and Rescue crew who were at our house within 6 minutes the morning of my Heart Attack, and the Paramedics who got me to our hospital in record time. Also Big Hugs to the staff in the emergency department for keeping me going. Love you all.

Slugs: Thanks to the discourteous driver who door dinged my new white Subaru car at the Tamarack Mall around noon on Frida,y Nov. 20. This just isn’t a door ding as the damage totaled $1800, I know accidents can happen but decent people would own up to it. Have a joyous Christmas season!

Hugs: Hugs and thank you to Paul Heywood from the city for stepping up and following through on animals at large in the city. It is very much appreciated.

Hugs: To Mr. Delamont, Delamont Jewellers for polishingmy Uncle Bill’s WWII medals at no charge. Thank you!

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Barry Coulter

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Barry Coulter had been Editor of the Cranbrook Townsman since 1998.
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