Hugs and Slugs

Summer of Hugs, Summer of Slugs

Hugs: To Sophie Pierre and the people of the Ktunaxa for the well rounded and thoughtful response to the recent graves re-discovered. Thank you for the article written that encourages communities to come together in order to help heal past pains and past actions that were so very wrong. You have lead with dignity and courage making the future brighter because of the wisdom used during this time. Always, best wishes and love to all affected by this.

Hugs: To the local parcel delivery lady. Always courteous and waits for answer for parcel delivery. The only one in years to do so and you are very appreciated for your excellent service. I hope all your deliveries are smooth and your days are bright. Thank you

Hugs: To Linda at the Post Office at Shoppers Drug Mart! She went above and beyond to help me with a parcel being sent overseas and navigating the customs forms and options. Thank you Linda!

Hugs: To the family on 6th Ave South with the cheerful little fairy garden in the front yard. It is such a delight to watch it grow and always fun to walk by and see if I can spy new additions. Thank you for bringing a little extra colour and joy to the neighbourhood!

Hugs: A great big hug to Michelle at Kimberley Vision Care. My sister, who is in long term care, wasn’t sure the sunglasses she had were hers. I called KVC mid-afternoon to see if they could help. Michelle took the call and said she would see what she could find out. At 7pm my phone rang. It was Michelle. She was still at the office two hours after closing time, making sure she responded to my question before she went home for the day. Now that is the epitome of “going above and beyond”. My problem wasn’t urgent but Michelle treated it as important. Thank you for your excellent service, Michelle!

Hugs: Big big hugs to our Historic Downtown Cranbrook Walking Tour’s guide Georgia! What a delightful experience. Many thanks to Georgia for being so knowledgeable and charming, the Cranbrook History Centre has an amazing guide on her. I totally recommend this tour, not only to know more about our town but to enjoy Georgia’s enthusiasm and love for history, and the history of our town.

Hugs: To installers Ed and Logan of A1 Tops. Qualities not always found in contractors today are patience and skill. While you were installing new countertops against the less-than- perfect walls in our home, you took the time and had the knowledge to do the job right. And- I am very grateful. Thank you.

Hugs: To the amazing kind woman who just now at Lickity Split in Marysville bought my grandchildren and myself our ice cream treats. Thank you so much for your kindess. My grandchildren learned about paying it forward today, what a nice thing to do wow, my turn now.

Slugs: Big slugs to whoever walked away with items purchased at a garage sale and accidently left behind. Only 10 min passed when we realized it only to find these 2 items gone. Hugs: Big hugs if taken by mistake and the roll of fencing and gardening sheers are returned. Maybe you can leave me a message somehow on hugs and slugs.

Hugs: Big hugs to Tanglefoot Veterinary clinic for taking in the hurt flicker I brought to you and caring for it. Your compassion for this little wild bird made my day. God bless you and thank you.

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