Hugs and Slugs

Spring is just around the corner, so keep writing those hugs

Hugs: A huge hug to the people at “Angel Flight East Kootenay” for their kindness and help during a very difficult time over the Christmas time. Brent, the pilot, was so easy to talk to and so understanding it made a bad situation so much better. He worked with us and helped us get needed paperwork in place to be able to make the much needed flight from Kelowna to Cranbrook happen. “Angel Flight East Kootenay” is certainly a service that is greatly needed in our area! Keep up the good work, Brent.

Hugs: Big hugs to the couple who came to my and my 85-year-old mother’s rescue on Jan 5 at the EKRH handicapped parking out front. A white Dodge truck had jammed into my parking space four inches from my car. I couldn’t even get in to start it to warm my Mother while I had the owner paged. Brenda and her husband came to offer assistance. She managed to squeeze into my car to start it and back it out so I could get into it. Our deepest gratitude to you both. You know who you are!

Slugs: Big Slugs to the white Dodge truck for jamming your way in my parking space at the EKRH handicapped parking out front on Jan 5th, 4” from my car, with no consideration for anyone else. You must’ve had to get out of your passenger door. Next time park where you actually have a parking space.

Hugs: I would like to give huge hugs to our Marysville grader operator Spud. So far this winter you have done a fantastic job. Also being a rookie operator you are showing you are a natural to this piece of equipment. Keep up the good work spud, big hugs to you.

Hugs: To the employees in the Service Department at Northstar Motors who were so pleasant and obliging plus were able to manufacture a repair to the line of my windshield washer hose, when a part was not available on December 23rd. Always great service at this dealership. Ever grateful.

Hugs: To all the people who had lights up for Christmas this year. They were such an encouragement.

Hugs: To all the people who shovel their sidewalks, extra hugs to those who do their neighbours sidewalks/driveways.

Slugs: To the people who are more than capable of shovelling their walks, and choose not to.

Hugs: To the staff at Pharmasave Home Health Care downtown. I was only purchasing support socks and you would think I was buying a new car with the top professional service I received on 2 separate occasions.

Hugs: To the Scotia Bank staff. They are always a pleasure to deal with. I always walk out of there encouraged.

Hugs: To the city staff for the jobs they are doing. We sometimes forget that when things are moving well that there are a lot of people working to make things happen.

Hugs: Just want to give big hugs to Spud the grader operator in Marysville for removing the snowbank at the Marysville post office boxes. You don’t realize how much this is appreciated by all the people picking up their mail. It’s nice not having to climb that unnecesary snow bank. Big hugs Spud, keep up the great work. Also a hug to Nick and John for putting this removal of said snow bank back in place last year.

Hugs: Massive hugs to the ‘snow clearers extraordinaire’ on the 200 block of 8th Ave. South, who quietly go about helping this senior through Snowmaggedon ‘21/’22. My back thanks you!

Hugs: To all the city workers who have kept our roads clear during the snowfall. And hugs to our waste collector. You’re always friendly despite the cold and all the snowbanks to deal with.

Hugs: A huge big hug to Bayleaf Indian Fusion Restaurant at the Days Inn staff and chef Dilip Chand for an outstanding meal and service New Years day. We had out of town guests and their generosity and food was exquisite. Thank you.

Hugs: A big hug to the young man in the blue truck with a plow, that helped with plowing the snow in front of our house on 13 Ave. S. You’re generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Hugs: A big hug to the Mainroad Grader Operator who cleared our roads in Bull River, particularly Railway Road, Sunday, Jan 9/22-a great job! Thank you.

Hugs: Big Hugs to Gerald and his staff at Integra Tire for using his bobcat to help remove the snow from our corner lot sidewalk a few times after the big snow dumps. We greatly appreciate it!!

Hugs: To Sue for using her snowblower to clear us out from under the huge snow drifts and for lending us her snowblower a few times as shoveling is back breaking work. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!!

Hugs: BIG Hugs to Carla at the Air Canada counter at YXC. She spent at least a half hour trying to sort out a ticket issue that I had. She was calm, pleasant, polite and doggedly determined to figure out how to fix the problem. When I am sitting with my friends in Ottawa, I will be thinking of Carla who made it possible.

Hugs: Big hugs to Honda, Kia, McDonald’s, and ABC for clearing their sidewalks in front of their businesses, making it so much easier for people that are walking. Maybe other businesses should follow their example.

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