Hugs and Slugs

Some Hugs to help Christmas along

Hugs: A Great Big Hug to McPherson’s Funeral Home for the beautiful Celebration of Remembrance for our departed loved ones. It was their first “virtual” service for this and they all did a great job. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas

Hugs: A big hug to the Bedroom Furniture Gallery especially the two Marks! They really helped me out in getting my two main appliances to me before Christmas! Thank you all so much! Merry Christmas

Hugs: A hug to Cranbrook Window and Doors for their great service. It was worth the wait (dang Covid!)

Hugs: Hugs and a huge Thank You to Bridge Interiors for great service. We love our purchase and our salesman Kevin, such a nice man. Hugs for the two young delivery men, Keaton and Cody, we thank you both!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the pharmacy worker at Superstore on Tuesday night, Dec 15. You were the last of your colleagues to leave and you had already closed up for the night. Even though you had worked a long day, you took the extra time to help me find something for an ill family member, going so far as to open locked cabinets to look for a specific item. Even though you didn’t need to stay and help me, you went above and beyond my expectations and I am so grateful for your extra kindness. You chose well, because within 24 hours, he was feeling so much better. Merry Christmas to you!

Hugs: For Christmas, the holiday that not even the big, bad virus can stop!

Hugs: To Pastor Kevin Ewaskow at First Baptist church for showing loving care to his congregation by following public health guidelines. And hugs to all who are involved with presenting online services to keep us virtually connected.

Slugs: Huge slug to all of the drivers who drive with fog lights on when its not foggy. The purpose of fog lights is to make yourself visible to oncoming traffic in dense fog. They do absolutley nothing to help with visibility, they only make it brighter for oncoming traffic, especially in the winter.

Hugs: Big Hugs to the ladies at Flying J service station & convenience store in Jaffray! Always so cheerful, friendly, clean & bright. Best wings, too!!

Hugs: To Wendy at Pharmasave Baker Street for her excellent customer service. Wendy went above and beyond and absolutely made my day! Thank you Wendy and Merry Christmas!

Hugs: To Corey La Berge for her excellent and timely articles in the Townsman explaining our rights and freedoms during covid times, the Charter of Rights, and the rights of business and property owners. Whether these fact-based articles will enjoy better success than science-based information on covid with the small percentage of our neighbours who resist any information they don’t like or don’t understand remains to be seen. Meanwhile hope reigns eternal.

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