Farm life: the little things that brought me joy in April

Podcasts, books, recipes and other recommendations to enjoy this spring.

Hugs and Slugs: The voice of the people as the months change over

Offering heartfelt Hugs, condolences and prayers for the victims, their families and…

Being and doing: An opportunity for practicing mindfulness

Yme Woensdregt I noted the idea for this column about three months…

  • May 1, 2020
Goose Families of Idlewild Park
200 metres of Joseph Creek in Cranbrook
Bear vs rabbit caught on camera near Whistler
Dr. Bonnie Henry given a Gitxsan name

Covid-19: Is This Really a Turning Point?

Gwynne Dyer People who look for silver linings (aka optimists) think that…

  • May 1, 2020

“And their music, it’s just noise!”

World O’ Words: Juvenoia, and the ongoing generation trust gap

COLUMN: From flattening the COVID-19 curve to Team B.C. recovery

B.C. business leaders say they’re ready to restart economy

  • Apr 30, 2020

LETTER: London Drugs president supports local news

‘We are continuing our commitment to print our flyers and distribute them through community newspapers’

  • Apr 30, 2020

Farm life: The zen of fishing and how the water recharges

Although I am lucky to have 44 acres on which to roam,…

World O’ Words: Hemerophiles, and a new era of synanthropization

They say if we can keep up our lock-down, self-isolating ways for…

A perfect storm for the global oil industry

Gwynne Dyer For the global oil industry, it has been a double…

  • Apr 23, 2020

The week’s worth of Hugs and Slugs

• Offering heartfelt Hugs, condolences and prayers for the victims, their families…

Letters to the Editor: Cranbrook-Kimberley physicians; Kootenay East MLA

Open letter to residents from Cranbrook/ Kimberley physicians Dear Residents of Cranbrook…

Farm life: splendid spring

As I write this, I am sitting on my deck in the…

Earth Day: A new relationship to wildlife is needed for nature and people

Dan Kraus is senior conservation biologist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

  • Apr 22, 2020

Earth Day: The roots of our current environmental crisis go back 12,000 years

The story of how our current environmental state came to be is over 12,000 years old

  • Apr 22, 2020

COMMENTARY: COVID-19 modelling useful, but not a crystal ball

B.C.’s chief health officer explains risk of relaxing too soon

  • Apr 19, 2020

COLUMN: Helping those who use substances during the COVID-19 pandemic

B.C. Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy talks about both public health emergencies

  • Apr 18, 2020

Letter to the Editor: A message from the Fire Chief

Service. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we do. Fire services have…

  • Apr 16, 2020

Hugs and Slugs vying for equal billing this week

Slugs: Sorry but I have a slug in response to the hug…

Lives vs. Livelihoods

Gwynne Dyer Wuhan, the Chinese city where it all started, was locked…

  • Apr 16, 2020