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Overheard in Idlewild Park…

Thus the community gathers, ponders, discusses progress at the dam rehabilitation
With the forms off

Reported by Peter Warland

There they were, three old guys supervising the works at Idlewild Park. They had arrived one by one, each at his own dawdling pace and they had come together to sit side by side on a seat in the Fall sunshine overlooking the activities.

A. Think they'll get done this year? Hellova mess right now.

B. Concrete's almost all done.  Some impressive pictures in the local paper. I could use the forms. I got a work-shed to build.

C. You'll be lucky.  Someone else must have his beady eye on that wood. They've moved a mess of dirt offer the toboggan hill. Some's gone to a local rancher. They're like kids playing a in a sand box down there. Great toys.

A. And they're costing us two point eight million for their fun. They had a helluva time with all that rain in October. Pumps going all hours. And they've had to put in some by-pass drain over there.

B. Wonder if they'll remember where they buried it. Some woman told me they didn't get all the turtles, but that was a great effort rescuing all the trout.

C. Where'd they put them?

A. Prolly downstream in the creek. They'll hafter find the way back up.

B. The trout? Guess that's why they put in a fish ladder.

C. Did you say fish-ladder?

B. Some guy told me.

C. What do they expect? Leaping Kokanee?

A. Yeah! Then there'll be grizzlies swatting at them.

B. Hellova mess when the snow melts!

Slowly the supervisors, having imparted their wisdom, tottered to their feet and went their separate ways.