Out of control

Querent seeks psychic advice over unsettled family situation

Part One of Two

Hello Wendy:

I am writing as a very unsettled mother and wife.  My son is 10 years old and I am having problems with him listening to me and understanding what I am saying.  He gets his way because he is out of control, he really doesn’t listen to anyone.

Will he ever be a child that listens and is not rude?

As a wife I am lost because my husband and I seem to be on different paths of discipline and what we want for our son.

Will he ever forgive me or will my marriage always be a little rocky?

Will my life get easier at all or is it going to be a handful until he finishes school?

I have so many questions about my role as a mom and a wife and even a friend to anyone.

My other question is do I have a guardian angel around me?

Unsettled mother and wife

Dear Unsettled Mother and Wife:

I am going to ask my guides the questions I have come up with that may help you. They will give me the answer to each question so that you may better understand the messages they are trying to relay to you.  This is typically how I would conduct a reading if you were having a session with us.

I always start by confirming what you have told us just to set the record straight and see if we are both on the same page, so here goes.

When I gave my guide your name to begin the session he immediately responded to me that you are quite a depressed and a disturbed young lady.

The first question I then asked was:  Does the son listen to his mother when she talks to him?

Answer:  No.

Q. Does the child understand what the mother is saying to him?

A.  Definitely.

Q.  Does the child imitate how the father treats and talks to his mother?

A.  Yes.

Q. Does the child get his way with the father most of the time.

A. Yes.

Q. Does the child get his way with the mother most of the time?

A.  Occasionally.

Q.  Is this child emotionally out of control?

A. Definitely.

Q. Does this child listen to any adult person or persons he is with?

A.  Yes.

Q. Why are the parents on different paths of disciplining their child?

A. There have been emotional problems with their relationship long before this child was in the scene of this play in this lifetime.

Q.  Is the father using the child as a tool to get back at the mother?

A. Yes.

Q.  Is the mother using the child as a tool to get back at the father?

A.  Somewhat.

Q. Is this behavioural problem they are having with this child because of their personal relationship?

A.  As you know and we have talked about this many times in our session’s children have great intuitive abilities when they are young.  This child senses the anger and resentment his parents feel for each other and does not know what to do about it. It makes him feel unwanted and insecure. He then focuses on obtaining negative attention so that he can feel safe and wanted.

There is no plan or structure for this child on a daily basis, which should be given to him by his parents or parent so he can feel safe in his environment.  You know the saying, negative attention is better than no attention at all.  My guide didn’t say — that I just added that ditty to the conversation.

Q. Will the husband forgive the wife for what she has done in their marriage?

A.  At this time no he will not.

Q.  Will their marriage always be a little “rocky”?

A. What does “rocky” mean? It means will their marriage always be unstable as it is now.

We do not presume or interfere in the growth of any individuals on this plane.  We try only to help and nurture and give direction on how it can be improved.

In this circumstance we see the woman acting like a guilt-ridden victim and also a defensive human most of the time with this man.

We see the man being intentionally cruel to her and making her pay with his verbal abuse and passive aggressive somewhat hostile statements at times.

There is definitely a fear on both parts of this relationship by this couple because they both refuse to communicate what they are feeling. They need help and guidance and are seeking only to take their frustrations out in negative ways with each other.  This hampers the growth of their relationship and also affects the child. Tell them to seek the help they need.

Only the brave seek help the weak remain victims unto themselves, I tell you that all the time.

Everyone is born with a guardian angel; you have eight angels and seven guides around you at this time.

Unfortunately I have run out of space for this week’s column and I will answer the rest of your questions next week.


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