Norma Blissett: Gearing up for 2013

This is the final installment in a Townsman series featuring BC NDP candidate Norma Blissett and BC Liberal candidate Bill Bennett.

This election is about choice. More of the same or change for the better. More of the same means continuing on with the worst levels of child poverty and the highest levels of inequality in Canada with no plan to close the gap. It means a broken apprenticeship system where 63 per cent of apprentices fail to complete their training. It means continuing with a government that neglects both the land and the people of this province. More of the same means supporting a party that says one thing and does another.

Whereas, change for the better means creating a sustainable diversified economy that will create new jobs and grow a strong middle-class. It means providing economic stability and certainty with no HST-like surprises. It means investing in post-secondary education, skills training and apprenticeships; growing local economies and supporting local business. It means investing in our land base so that we can grow our resource economy — mining, forestry and agriculture. It means being open and upfront about our intentions for taxation, saying what we are going to do and how we’re going to pay for it. And finally change for the better means investing in rural health care so that the people who work to support our economy have the services they need.

So that’s what I represent in this election. I am offering the constituents of Kootenay East an MLA who will be an effective voice in government. Someone you can count on who knows how to be a team player and how to get things done; someone who will represent ALL of the constituents of Kootenay East; someone who will bring change for the better to this part of the province one practical step at a time.