Letters to the Editor: Sept. 5

Jim Ogilvie; Jim Ogilvie's road; Wings as Eagles Golf Tournament

Jim Ogilvie

I want to share my expression of my appreciation to Jim Ogilvie’s family, from a community volunteer and non-profit organization perspective.

I don’t think it is easy being a mayor — being asked to attend and be present at so many events. It was because of this personal impression that I never invited the Mayor and Gail to many of the functions I coordinated — only the Lee Haskell/Spark Christmas Parties.

Jim always delivered encouraging words to our team, who worked hard to improve the centre, and to our youth, confirming their importance in our community.

It was the events that we put on that we didn’t invite the busy Ogilvies to, that their presence surprised me. One that really sticks in my mind was “Youthstock” in Rotary, a music competition for the youth bands. It was so cold, with a wind blowing through the park.  I was shocked  to see Gail and Jim sitting in lawn chairs trying to keep warm under a blanket. I thought they would only stay a while — who could sit in that cold wind? But they stayed to the very end.

And again at the JulyFest Band Reunion fundraiser at the Centre, there were Gail and Jim, sitting at a table, having a drink.

Let’s not forget the Kimberley Fall Fair — my first year — in the hectic crowd I saw Jim and Gail, supporting the event.

It is no coincidence that the Youth Centre is in its 20th year, the longest lasting youth centre in B.C., and approximately 36 years for the Kimberley Community Fair Fall.

I think Jim truly enjoyed attending Kimberley events and he sincerely cared about the success of the people and the community. These displays of endless community support did not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten.

Thanks Gail and Jim.

Rest in peace, Jim Ogilvie.

Bev Middlebrook, Community Volunteer & Former Youth Society Manager

Jim Ogilvie

I am writing this letter to the people of Kimberley, especially to the City Council.

On Friday, August 29, I was in Kimberley for an old friend’s funeral, Former Mayor Jim Ogilvie.

I heard that they had named the old dump road after him. In my opinion that was an insult.

You have a beautiful Convention and Athletic Centre due to the work and diligence of James E. Ogilvie.

So people of Kimberley, show a little class and name this centre after a great gentleman, James Ogilvie.

John Shotgun Stone, Former Kimberley resident

Wings as Eagles

Wings as Eagles Recovery Center would like to thanks the following businesses and people for making our third annual Wings as Eagles Recovery Center Golf Tournament a huge success.

Kootenay Import Auto Group, Kootenay Granite, Bridge Interiors, Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Hardware, BJ’s Diner, the Bear Eatery, the New Pro Fitness Gym, Sportchek, Boston Pizza, Burger King, Snap, the staff at Mission Hills Golf Course and all the golfers and supporters who participated.

A very special thank you to Dale Hansen who contacted the business community in Cranbrook and Kimberley for donations. Thanks, Dale.

We are already planning for next year to make it even bigger. Again, thank you Cranbrook and Kimberley for the incredible support for Wings as Eagles Recovery Center.

Pastor Ron Short/Cranbrook