Letters to the Editor: Sept. 15

The Jaffray Rebels; Teachers Strike; Fate of the Inuit, correction

Members of the Jaffray Rebels cross the finish line at the 2014 Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo

Members of the Jaffray Rebels cross the finish line at the 2014 Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo

Jaffray Rebels

I spent Sunday, September 7, at the Gran Fondo 2014 — not as a participant, but as a spectator watching the Jaffray Rebels ride. They are a group of cyclists who enjoyed the day.

Seven of them rode in the Gran, two in the Medio and four in the Piccolo.

We began the day at St. Eugene Mission watch the exciting start — each group 10 minutes apart — then went to the Platzl in Kimberley to watch as the riders went through.

We cheered for all the riders (a little louder when the Rebels went by) and then back to the beautiful setting of St. Eugene Mission Resort to wait as riders came in.

My great-grandson and his cousin, both 12 years old, were in the top 10 of the first finishers of the Piccolo. They were ahead of their mothers. Then the Medio riders and the Gran Fondo riders, who included two of my grandsons and a grandson-in-law.

It was a wonderful day. I heard many of the cyclists comment on how safe and organized the route was.

I would like to commend the organizers, the sponsors, and the many volunteers that made the day such a success. As a long-time resident of Cranbrook I will say it is one more event that Cranbrook can be proud of.

Maureen Rosicky

Teachers strike

The Government’s obfuscation is to the detriment of our children. It is obliged by law to provide them an education.

There are clear courses open. Legislate the teacher back to work and/or accept binding arbitration. Our children are our future and deserve nothing less.

Bob Pearce/Cranbrook

‘Fate of the Inuit’

“Further to my letter “Fate of the Inuit” which appeared in the Daily Townsman on September 11, 2014, the Word “cannibalism” should not have been included in the sufferings of the Inuit families transported to Ellesmere Island.

I sincerely apologize for this error, which is mine alone, and for any misinformation this may have generated.”

Shirley Green/Cranbrook